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Fatumata Boakai is a 16-year-old resident of Jartono Town in Browerville who has suffered from a complicated eye disease. 

She has been complaining of excruciating agony for the past three months, which she said could take her to an early grave if no one helped. Her right eye is slowly slipping from its socket. 

We appreciate Liberia’s Health Minister, Dr. Williminia Jallah, and Mr. Eugenic Nice, Jr., the founder and CEO of Liberian Girls Rock and a resident of the United States of America, for expressing interest in assisting in the rescue of young Fatumata. The family says that Eugenic and the Liberian Minister of Health both got in touch with them and said they wanted to help. 

Even though the Liberian Minister of Health, Dr. Williminia Jallah, contacted the family to request that the family brings Fatumata to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center for potential treatment, it is most likely she needs advance treatment abroad. 

In an early interview with the Womenvoices newspaper, Fatumata said that she was admitted to the John F. Kennedy medical facility in June but was later released without surgery or other treatment because her mother was unable to pay the bill.

She said it all started one morning when she woke up and she could feel her eye scratching, but she ignored it because she thought it was a minor problem.

Since then, she has been having constant pain and itching for a number of days before being taken to Redemption Hospital, where she was told that she had had a typical eye infection and was only in need of an eye drop to treat it. She received a negative answer despite this, which is one of the reasons she decided to visit JFK for additional medical care. 

According to her, doctors at the John F. Kennedy medical center advised her that the eye issue was brought on by cancer and needed to be treated right away in order to be resolved before it progressed to the other eye.

The doctor informed her that although the operation couldn’t be performed domestically, the hospital may arrange for her to be flown abroad for a more complex surgical procedure on her eye. 

Little Fatumata Boakai also lamented the fact that, despite the fact that her condition is getting worse by the day, her parents do not have the money to pay for the required medical care. 

She continued by saying that because of the state she was in, she and her parents had to leave the rental house where they had been residing.

Little Fatumata claimed that the landlord had asked them to vacate their home right away because of her illness. They are quite worried that it might hurt their kids.

We join to plead with the government, humanitarian organizations, and good-hearted Liberians to help her get medical care abroad. 

She can be reached by calling her Aunty Victoria G. Adama at 0888767629 or 0776499573, or by calling her personally at 0880334581, if anyone is interested in providing a helping hand, as little Fatumata Boakai needs more help.


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