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“We need a female Representation”


…… Citizens of Montserrado County District #17 Demand

By: Leila B. Gbati

Several citizens, mostly women, of District 17 in Montserrado County have expressed concern in regard to the 30 percent female representation in the upcoming election and disclosed their burning desire for female representation.

The residents who are believed to be supporters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) have also expressed fear that their party might likely lose the district if they do not send the right person to contest in the district.

For over two decades, Montserrado County, District #17, has been led by males who have massively failed the people of the district.

With this, the residents believe it is time that a woman be entrusted with the district, especially those who have made significant marks on their lives.

Speaking to our reporter over the weekend in the district, the citizens said that the CDC, being the ruling party, has committed to the 40% gender quota, and President Weah, being a feminist-in-chief, should give women the chance to contest in their district and be on the party list.

According to them, CDC has never won the district because they have failed to allow the rightful person to contest, and in order for them to win this time around, they will have to try a female candidate who believes in the manifesto of President Weah.

The concerned District 17 residents said that they are afraid that the representation of the CDC will be in limbo because they do not know who is going to lead the ticket now.

Meanwhile, CDC has not come up with a representation in the district, but two names are already popping up from the party: Welma Blaye Sampson and Bernard Benson. Therefore, the residents are calling on CDC to go for primary so that whoever wins, can support the person to win the district.

Vicky Kamara, a resident of District 17, said that she will only support a female candidate because they need a woman to represent the district this time around.

Vicky said that it is an added advantage for a woman to contest in the district because they believe that she will seek the interest of everyone.

“If a woman rules this district, she will listen to the cry of her fellow women and embrace them, but a man will not seek our interest as compared to a woman who knows what her fellow women need. We pray to God for the CDC to allow a female on the party ticket in this district. For me, if they do not allow a female on the ticket, I will not vote on election day, so we are asking them to do the right thing, and President Weah should not forget about us, the women, because we come first in anything,” she said.

Vicky also said that in the past, most of the leaders they had in the district were men, adding that “they have never prioritized us, the women; when they win, they pass by us, so they should not be coming now to ask for our vote, then at the end of the day they sit down and do nothing. No, we are not giving our vote to any man; we are tired of them. We need a woman to contest here, and we will tide our rappa to support her. We the women are not doing anything here; we are tiding our waists this time around to support our fellow women because we believe that if she wins, she will not forget about us”.

Bendu Henry is begging President Weah to listen to their cry and allow a female candidate to contest in the district because they are faced with a lot of challenges that the men’s leaders will not see.

“If a woman is leading, she will do something for her children; she will not hear her children crying and turn her back. You can have a stepmother but not a stepfather. If a woman leads, she will represent everybody. We have tried the men for too long and they have failed us. We have been listening and following them to the extent that we even failed our women, but we have learned a lesson that if we put our friend woman there, she will listen to us more than the men.”

“The water business is giving us a hard time; we only have two pumps in this whole community. Even though our road condition is bad and there is no conducive latrine in this community, we only have one latrine here, so you see, these are things we believe that if a woman goes there, she will do for us because she is a woman and understands the difficulties we go through as women on a daily basis”, she emphasized.

Also speaking, Maima Grant said she will fully support a woman candidate this time around because she is a strong supporter of CDC, but if they do not send a female candidate to contest, she will not support them in this election.

She said, “What I have to tell CDC is that they should send a woman to contest in this district; we do not need men to lead us here again, so we are appealing to our President to seek the interest of us women and allow our fellow women to participate in this election. We are interested in a woman who will not let us down as the men have done over the years; we want to see a woman on that ticket this time; we have tried the men and have not seen any better, so let the women go there too”. 

Mercy Sonnie, speaking on the same issue, said she would only support a woman candidate, emphasizing that they need a woman to lead the district now because they are tired of the men, adding that “if we vote for the men, they always say it is their money that made them win; if we go to their house for help, they put words in our faces, so we believed that if our friend woman is there, she will not let us down. I believed that things would be okay for us, the women and youth, if a woman led this district. “A woman knows the pain of her fellow woman”.

Rebecca Wesley said that the CDC must allow women to participate in the election and allow the democratic process to prevail instead of just forcing somebody on them.

According to Rebecca, even though they do not know yet who will be running for CDC, all they want is for the party to go for primary, and anyone that wins, be it a woman or a man, they will support to the fullest so that they can win the district.

Ma  Rebecca stressed that primary is the only option for now because they cannot afford to lose the district again.

“This district is vulnerable; the representative we have here is always in Bomi County, and he is not focused here, so we want CDC to go for primary, and if anybody wins, be it a man or woman, we will support and campaign for that person to win this district if it causes us to walk and go to the President to appeal to him for this, we the women are ready and resolved,” Ma Rebecca stated.

For his part, Stanley Pewee said he is a strong supporter of CDC, and if the party desires to win the district, those that want to contest on the party ticket should go for the primary, and whoever wins, will support the person because it will be an added advantage for CDC to win that particular district looking at its population.

Stanley mentioned that if CDC acts carelessly and they lose the district, there will be nothing for them, emphasizing that if an opposition candidate wins, they will not benefit anything from that person. He or she will not seek the interest of the people because they will not work in the interest of President Weah.

According to Stanley, if the party puts out men or women in the district, he will support that person, but his major concern is for them to go to primary school.

“Whoever wins the primary, we will campaign in this district and make sure that person wins this district. For me, if anybody gets on the ticket, I will vote for them, but CDC must go for the primary and allow the democratic process to prevail because that is the right thing to do, so we as partisans are calling on them now to listen and do the right thing. The primary is my concern, and we will have to go for it, and we will make sure that person wins so that we can get something good here. If we sit down and the opposition wins this district, forget it; there will be no development here.

“We need current in this entire district and a conducive road, and the only way to achieve that is for CDC to win; if not, we will be in darkness throughout. My concern is for the people to go for primary, and just after that, whether man or woman, anybody who wins, we will support them and they will be victorious.

“All the male representatives have done nothing for this district, so this time around we want a lady who might deliver the tangible. President Weah told us that he needs more women to represent us, so we have to go by that by giving the women the opportunity to represent and lead,” Henry George said.

What is the 30% gender quota about?

The 30 percent gender quota for women on candidate listings was first set in Liberia in 2005, with the “guidelines relating to the registration of political parties and independent candidates” stating that each party “shall ensure” that 30 percent of its candidates be women.

On September 17, 2022, the Legislature passed the New Elections Law with specific fines (US$10,000) for violators of Section 4.5 and forwarded the same to President George W. Bush for signing into law and subsequent printing into handbills, but unfortunately, the law didn’t pass.

Section 4.5 (1 C) of the New Elections Law mandates that political parties submit not less than 30% of either gender for their candidate lists to the NEC.

Citizens’ concerns

With barely four months until the elections, citizens’ concerns are arising about the 30% female representation in the election process.

Some citizens, mainly women, are afraid that political parties will not include women on party tickets since the new election law (Section 4.5 (1C)) didn’t come to reality, which would have mandated political parties to put women candidates on party lists.

The low representation of women in the Legislature is alarming, and according to them, they need more women to legislate laws in the interest of women and girls, which is something everyone fights for.

The case of District 17

The fate of women’s participation on the CDC list is a serious issue in District 17 because of the failure of the new election, which mandates that political parties allow 30% of women candidates on party lists. Even though the law did not pass, it can be recalled that the CDC committed to a 40% gender quota for women’s representation in leadership and women’s candidates on the party lists, which according to them has been claimed as an enshrined policy decision for all of its internal and external democratic processes.

However, supporters of the party and residents of District 17 are worried because, according to them, they are not seeing signs of female representation, so they are calling on the party to make it up to the 40% gender quota by allowing women to contest in the district.

According to them, the party should rather go for the primary to be able to elect those that will contest in the district rather than just putting anybody on the ticket who might likely not win.

They believed that if CDC goes for the primary and whether a man or woman wins, they will vigorously campaign for that person in order for them to win the district.

The citizen also emphasized that the CDC shouldn’t sideline women who are desiring to contest in the district because, over the years, they have had men’s representation and never won the district, so this time around, the party should do something new.

NEC and partners buttress the political participation of women in politics.

On May 5 and 6, 2023, the NEC and partners gathered registered political parties in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, to draft and validate an MOU to support the 30% gender quota.

Davidetta Browne Lansanah, Chairperson of the NEC, told reporters that in the past they had the gender equality law, which basically said that people should endeavor to ensure the inclusion of women candidates, but the new law, Section 4.5, if it is passed, actually says that political parties should include women as candidates on party lists.

Madam Lansanah said where you have shall endeavor to means that it’s left to you to do it, but now the new law is saying that it’s mandatory; unfortunately, the law did not pass as such. As such, they have gathered to get political parties to put something into place that will increase the participation of women.

“The gender equity law is for both men and women, with an emphasis on increasing the participation of women. We want to appeal to these parties to take another step further, even though the new law did not pass, but we still think that they can implement something,” she noted.

The NEC boss said the gathering should be the groundwork for building the kind of confidence for political parties to include 30% and even more women as candidates to run for elective positions in the elections.

“We have to take the first step. When you are sure that women can make it to the party listing, then of course you have to be working in the party and perhaps behind the scenes to ensure that these women are elected.” That’s’ the idea. There are close to 26 political parties that are fully registered and have conventions, so there are other parties that are going to the convention, some of them new, so the entire listing of political parties may not be represented here,” she asserted.

Madam Lansanah continued, “One of the things we should appreciate is that all of the parties here whether they are represented by men or women after this meeting they will take back to their various parties what the decisions here will be and it is those parties now at the high level will make that decision to sign or not to sign so, we are hoping for the representation here on the ground for political parties be it women and men will have enough influence over the principles in the political parties at the high level to convince them to see the need to sign the MOU to commit themselves to the increase in the number of women as candidates on their parties listing to work with them and ensure they are elected come October 10, 2023”.

Liberia Risks Catastrophic Landslide


– Environmental Analyst Revivals

An environmental analyst and lab manager at the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has predicted a serious catastrophic landslide in the not-too-distant future in Liberia if the government of Liberia fails to take the necessary steps to control plastic waste management and mining of the Jallah Town Hill on the Capitol Bypass.

Mr. Sam P. Jallah, a math and chemistry lecturer at African Methodist Episcopal University (ANEU) and United Methodist University (UMU), predicted that if nothing is done by the government to address the rapid urban migration and construction of houses in the Jallah Town area, the country will experience a huge loss.

Speaking in an interview with a team of journalists over the week at the G. W. Gibson School Campus in Central Monrovia, he warned that Liberia will, in a no-distance period, repeat the mistake of neighboring Sierra Leone, which had an ugly and catastrophic landslide that led to the deaths of many.I was part of the team that did the research during the Sierra Leone landslide. During our research, we discovered that the landslide happened as a result of plastic and the undermining of the area for the construction of human habitation. And that is what we are now seeing in Jallah Town.

The way that Jallah Town is looking and the fact that people are just mining it because they want to build will cause a major landslide in a short period of time. ”One day, we’ll wake up to find that the entire population of that area has been buried by a landslide,” Mr. Jallah warned.He also predicted that if the government does not implement regulations against plastic waste management and disposal, Liberia will have limited or no crop growth and production in some areas with high levels of plastic waste in fifty years.

The analytical chemist disclosed that plastic waste takes one million years to get rotten, something he claimed that only a limited portion of Liberians are aware of.”Only a small percentage of the population is aware that plastic waste takes one million years to decompose.”The wrongful disposal of plastic waste is a serious threat to our crops’ growth and production. When you walk on the street and in the community, you see plastic and other recyclable waste. However, after some time, you don’t see them when rain falls or when people wrongfully dispose of them. Meanwhile, those plastic wastes are buried beneath the soil and covered with a thin layer of sand. “And so fifty years from now, if the government doesn’t put things in order, Liberia will plan crops and they will not grow,” he indicated.

The environmentalist is alarmed that the farmer will soon complain of crop growth because the plant needs setting nutrients to produce fruit; therefore, if the plant doesn’t have those nutrients because of the plastic beneath the soil, it will grow but not produce fruit. Meanwhile, speaking about the country’s oil and gasoline sector, the analytical chemist stated that politics should not be brought into science. He lamented that until Liberia and African governments can respect and prioritize their local scientists, Africa and Liberia will never be developed.

“Development doesn’t start with a politician in the white man’s home; rather, it starts with the technician.” The technician builds the platform and gives it to the politician to present to the people. Our country should make sure that what is for scientists is given, and what is for technical people should also be given.

“The technician should hold the technical area,” he noted.The prospective Bomi County district #3 representative also stated that he has too many recommendations for Liberians in the oil and gas sector because we have not touched them.He averred that when Liberia begins its explosion of gasoline and oil, many Liberians will not work because we don’t have the technicians and technical manpower to drive the sector; therefore, 95% of the employees will be foreigners, something he said will not balance the economy.It is possible that we go to the various universities and recruit there, where the LPRC will offer quality analysis and hydrocarbon. Once you know organic chemistry, you can do that.

Liberians are studying organic chemistry at various universities. So they can teach those in the classroom, and when it comes time for the practical, you can bring them to the LPRC lab, where we will train them.Liberians will control the gas sector when it is ready to explode,” he warned.He warned that Liberians should stop politicizing everything and give the space to technicians to do their job, urging that scientists should be respected and that what is not for politics should not be given to politicians.He said the systematic interference with the scientists’ work is killing the country and urged that scientists be given the space to independently do their work.”Liberia has not reached the level of being highly scientific; therefore, the country is struggling with too many lapses in development and many other sectors.

” Without science in Liberia, plenty of things will not happen.I am currently working at the LPRC’s laboratory manager’s desk.In my Terms of Reference (TOR), I am supposed to chemically and physically analyze all hydrocarbon products coming into the country. The flaws, however, are in the quality management system (QMS),” he noted.

“Our Goal Is To Ensure Affordable Healthcare”


– Pres. Weah Dedicates Emirates Hospital

By. Jerromie S. Walters

Bopolu city, Gbarpolu county, Liberia—Thursday, December 29, 2022: Following the dedication of the newly constructed Emirates Hospital in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County, President George Weah has assured his government’s commitment to providing an accessible and affordable healthcare option for all Liberians.

The Liberian Leader, while officially dedicating the modernized and standardized Emirates Hospital, characterized seeking the availability of affordable and accessible healthcare for every Liberian as an intrinsic aspiration and goal of his government.

“Improving healthcare delivery has always been foundational to the pro-poor agenda for prosperity and development.” This is why there have been consistent increases and add-ons to the operational budgets for already-existing hospitals in order to provide the equipment and trained staff required for the delivery of critically needed services. He continues, “As we strive to improve the health sector by training healthcare workers both at home and abroad and by providing free medical education in public health training institutions, such as the Medical School and the School of Pharmacy, my government is committed to creating access to health infrastructure by constructing more new health facilities in underserved communities,” President Weah said.

President George Weah further disclosed that his government is currently finalizing talks with their counterparts in the United Arab Emirates for additional structures and health facilities of the same nature to be built in other parts of the country.

“The goal is to ensure access and affordability as we exert more effort to improve quality healthcare.” This is another demonstration of the commitment we have always voiced to help improve the living conditions of our people, regardless of where they may be in the country.

He believes that the construction and commissioning of the Emirates Hospital will not only help the people of Gbarpolu to have access to quality health care but will also enable the surrounding counties (Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, and Bong), as well as some parts of Lower Lofa, to benefit from better health care.

“It may even encourage some citizens of Sierra Leone, who are close to the Liberian border in Kongba District, to seek medical care here at this hospital.” Additionally, Gbarpolu County hosts other foreign nationals who are involved in the gold and diamond industries located here, and they too will be able to seek world-class medical care at this well-equipped facility.

President Weah expressed his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  President of the United Arab Emirates, for this profound act of humanitarian generosity to the people of Liberia, and also thanked the management and staff of Intbox Global Building Contracting LLC, Dubai, UAE, the construction company that built the facility in only 14 months from groundbreaking, in spite of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its subcontractor, Horizon Construction Company of Equatorial Guinea.

The inauguration of the Emirates Hospital, according to the Liberian Leader, is a further manifestation of his government’s commitment to improving the quality of health services in Liberia by expanding health coverage to our rural population.

“This now brings a total of three entirely new hospitals that have been built and opened during my administration, namely: Gbandeya Hospital, Rivercess; 14 Military Hospital, Margibi; and now Emirates Hospital, Gbarpolu.”

The Emirates Hospital, which is located in Bopolu Executive Grounds, Gbarpolu County, was officially dedicated on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

The occasion was graced by Members of the 54th Legislature; the Dean and Members of the Cabinet; other officials of government; the Doyen and Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps that included His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, United Arab Emirates; and His Excellency Dr. Aysha Sultan Aldhaheri, Executive Director, Military Health Services, UAE Army, United Arab Emirates.

Among others were the general manager and staff of The Emirates Hospital, the chief medical officer, doctors, and nurses of The United Emirates Hospital, traditional leaders, chiefs, and elders; members of the clergy; as well as political and business leaders.

The modern, state-of-the-art medical facility covers more than 52,000 (fifty-two thousand) square feet and is almost entirely powered by solar energy. It contains a 100-bed capacity for inpatients, several operating rooms, a modern laboratory, an intensive care unit (ICU), various specialized departments, and many more facilities that set it apart from other hospitals in the country.

GoL Signs New Bilateral Agreement with UAE


Following the inauguration of the contemporary Emirates Hospital in Gbarpolu County, the Government of the Republic of Liberia and the United Arab Emirates signed a bilateral cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to foster economic and technical cooperation between the two nations on the basis of equality, reciprocity, and mutual benefits. The agreement was signed in Bopolu, which is located in the county of Gbarpolu.

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the agreement was signed in the city of Bopolu, which is located in the county of Gbarpolu.

In addition, the agreement stated that the contracting parties would cooperate in the following areas: trade in goods and services, investment, agriculture (including activities related to agro-processing), livestock, fishing, and the purchase or lease of agricultural lands; energy and renewable energy; mining and industry; infrastructure, construction, and real estate; tourism; telecommunications; and transportation.

“The Contracting Parties may decide to cooperate in other areas that appear to be more advantageous” “Considering the priorities of the economic policies of the states that are Parties, the Contracting Parties may decide to cooperate in other areas that appear to be more advantageous.”

“To implement the economic and technical cooperation outlined in this agreement, the contracting parties shall encourage relevant specialized entities and business communities to explore the possibilities of executing projects in various areas of economic and technical cooperation,” the agreement stated. “The contracting parties shall encourage relevant specialized entities and business communities to explore the possibilities of executing projects in various areas of economic and technical cooperation.”

In addition, the agreement stated that the parties to the contract are obligated to provide special facilities and incentives to investors in both countries if doing so is consistent with the domestic legislation that is currently in effect in each of those countries as well as their international obligations and commitments.

“Support and encourage the exchange of visits by business delegations,” the agreement intoned. “The Contracting Parties shall encourage the participation of their business communities in international fairs and exhibitions held in both countries.” “The Contracting Parties shall encourage the participation of their business communities in international fairs and exhibitions held in both countries.”

H.E. Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, Member of the Royal Family and Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates, and H.E. Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dean of the Cabinet of the Republic of Liberia, respectively, signed on behalf of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Liberia.

The agreement is a component of the one-of-a-kind relationship that currently exists between the two nations. This relationship can be plainly observed in the numerous ways in which the UAE has assisted Liberia, the most notable of which was the building of the Emirates Hospital in Gbarpolu County.

Koijee wants to Recruit ANC to CDC


By Jerromie S. Walters

Monrovia, Liberia, on the 30th of December, 2022: Jefferson T. Koijee, the recently elected Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has revealed that he is considering recruiting the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) to the Coalition.

He disclosed the information on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at his office at Monrovia City Hall while addressing the media on a variety of issues.

The Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) stated that his leadership is focused on forming a grand coalition, and as a result, they are collaborating with a number of other political parties, including the Alternative National Congress (ANC), to ensure that they are superior to what we currently have.

“We believe that the only way to change this country is to join forces with those who have what it takes to transform the country,” he stated.

He feels that collaborating with the Coalition for Democratic Change is the most effective method to improve Liberians’ lives (CDC).

Mayor Jefferson Koijee elaborated on the gains and challenges facing the Monrovia City Corporation in 2022, stating that the greatest accomplishment of his administration was convincing the world community to host the summit of global city mayors in 2023.

With the involvement of mayors from around the world, he believes the conference would expose the country to international giants, thereby making it more attractive for business.

He cited his worldwide lobbying efforts that secured the safety of a Monrovia climate change project.

The mayor highlighted to the fact that the municipal administration is now producing more revenue than it did in the past, notably as a result of the implementation of technology means to collect mandatory fees from its partners and businesses in the city.

He indicated that in 2022, the MCC will adopt a sustainable inclusion that would allow young people to enhance their capacities as well as the municipal government’s national potential.

However, he stated that the city faces numerous difficulties, particularly when it comes to giving proper budgetary allocations, but they are doing their best to maintain civic order.

He implied that inhabitants of Monrovia exploit poor kids to dispose of their garbage for little or nothing, which he believes has contributed to the filthiness of the city.

In addition, he cited landfills as one of the numerous causes of the city’s disorderliness and a serious burden for the local government.

However, he stated that the city administration is presently arranging for further support to ensure that additional resources are provided to alleviate the stress of the government.

The next year, according to Koijee, the municipal council will offer a plastic that the public can use to collect trash that will then be collected by MCC employees.

He believes that the issue of garbage in Liberia is misunderstood, and people must realize that they must pay for their waste. As a result, they are collaborating with partners to promote trash management awareness.

The Mayor of Monrovia encouraged the media to propagate and disseminate both negative and positive information, citing the coverage of garbage on the streets of Monrovia that is no longer visible after being collected by the city’s sanitation service.

In addition, the mayor announced that the city will impose a regulation in the Waterside Market in January, and that containers arriving via the Waterside Route will be restricted to 8:00 p.m. to prevent their destruction.

He described how the city administration, through one of its projects, intervened in the lives of around 28 disadvantaged adolescents, who are now fully engaged as City Police officials at the Monrovia City Cooperation. He feels the government should concentrate on distributors rather than end customers.

“Dr. Cassell’s Memory Lives On”


– MOVEE sympathizes with PLP

The Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has sympathized and requested the chairman and members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of the late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, that they continue to work toward the vision and objectives that the party’s founder had for the Country.

On behalf of His Excellency Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., who is the leader of MOVEE, the Chairman of MOVEE, Robert M. Sammie, extended condolences to the family of the late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the leader of the PLP.

MOVEE stated that Dr. Cassell had a vision for Liberia and its people, which he expressed through the People’s Liberation Party, and that Dr. Cassell is not dead as long as his legacy and vision live on in the party. MOVEE also stated that Dr. Cassell’s vision for Liberia and its people was expressed through the People’s Liberation Party. According to the chairman of MOVEE, the “father of a revolution” cannot pass away as long as his vision is carried on by others who believe in him and what he stood for.

We are writing to inform you that Dr. Cassell is very much alive and well. He will continue to live as long as the revolution that he started for the liberation of Liberians from benightedness in all of its forms through the People’s Liberation Party continues to exist (PLP). “As a believer in revolution, a father of a revolution does not die as long as the revolution lives after they are passed,” Mr. Sammie continues, “and Dr. Cassell will not regret when he looks back except that you failed to uphold the vision of the revolution of the People Liberation Party, but from the setup and the caliber of people we see in the room, we are assured and we pray that his dream continues to live on.” “As a believer in revolution, as long

The Chairman of MOVEE stated that his party and the PLP have many things in common, which was demonstrated by the presence of two of the MOVEE’s former officials, whom he jokingly claimed are still members of his party. He stated that “once a mover, always a mover,” which means that “once a mover, always a mover.”

On December 27, 2022, the People’s Liberation Party issued a statement in Monrovia confirming that its political leader, Dr. Daniel Cassell, had passed away. T According to the report, the company’s visionary passed away from a heart attack at his residence in the United States.

According to Kalifala Kromah, the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the party, Dr. Cassell suffered a fatal heart attack as he was climbing the stairs of his home after an early morning workout.

According to him, medical professionals at a hospital pronounced Dr. Cassell dead after they attempted to resuscitate him but were unable to do so successfully.

The passing of the party’s visionary has left the PLP with a sense of loss, according to the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the PLP.

‘This Year Was Difficulty’


– Market Women Describe 2022

By. Jerromie S. Walters

Monrovia, Liberia—Friday, December 30, 2022: The year is coming to an end in the next 48 hours, and Liberians are gearing up for the new year while reflecting on a year filled with blessings, grace, and, of course, challenges.

Grace couldn’t be excluded as there still exists the gift of life, but despite the breath that’s still being inhaled and exhaled, there’s even more aggression shown in the lives of some Liberians, especially market women.

The Womenvoices Newspaper took a microphone out into the streets to hear what Liberians (especially female marketers) thought about 2022. The microphone caught the waves of what many of them said was a tough year for their businesses, with lots of problems and setbacks.

Kumba Tamba, a marketer in Rally Town who’s involved in the sale of dry goods (different kinds of smaller markets), said the business in 2022 was not good as much as in other years.

“When we put the market down, for people to buy it can’t be easy; we will sleep, sleep, and sleep before someone will come buy a single thing,”  she said.

She thinks the slow pace of business  is a result of the low purchasing people of people or not being paid, and as such, she wants the government to increase the pay of its employees and invest more money in the economy in order for their businesses to grow in 2023.

Unusually, Mamie Kanneh, a 65-year-old businesswoman at Rally Town Market, is among scores of other market women who described 2022 as a difficult year for them.

Though there were encouraging purchases made on a few occasions, the elderly business woman who sells dry goods said the business was indeed slow in 2022.

“People are not buying as we experienced before; in 2022, they can buy at times, but the business is very slow, and I think it’s because there’s no money, so I’m asking the government to invest in the economy and be paying their workers regularly, so when they get money, they will buy from us,”  she said.

Rebecca Nyumah is another local business woman in central Monrovia; she sells palm nuts and often transports herself from Gardnersville to central town daily to do her business.

Referencing the numerous challenges she confronted along the way, she termed her involvement in the business in 2022 as one that was guarded by God’s grace.

“No buying; sometimes the business can be tough; most often, it can spoil in our hands, and it can become a problem for us to pay for the people market because we can credit it at times.”

As many other women insinuated, Rebecca said the economy is weak and civil servants are not being paid.

Like Mamie Kanneh, Helena Gbaryu, an elderly woman who’s involved in the sale of fufu, said business dropped in 2022, pointing out that the usual quantity of fufu she often purchases was previously sold for 1.000 Liberian dollars, but it increased in 2022 to 4.000 Liberian dollars.

She said at the current price the goods are sold for, she doesn’t expect to make a profit often because, at times, she either gets the actual money she invested in it or experiences a loss.

Ma Helena Gbaryu called on the government to invest more in its people, as she believes it’s challenging to earn money in Liberia, which is why a lot of Liberians are not consuming like before.

Similar to Helena’s experience, Musa Fahnma, a businesswoman and resident of Sinkor, said the year 2022 was difficult for her business.

According to her, her highest daily sale in 2022 was often around 500 Liberian dollars.

However, based on the women’s testimonies, it’s safe to say that the year 2022 was filled with a lot of difficulties that market women will not want to experience in the coming years.

“It has to start with us”


UN Women, Madam Marie-Goreth Nizigma on 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

By: Leila B. Gbati

Workers of the United Nations have been called upon to prevent all forms of violence against women, girls and boys in Liberia.

The Country Representative of UN Women, Madam Marie-Goreth Nizigma, made the call on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the Launch and Celebration of the 16 Days of Activism for UN Staff held at Pan African Plaza, UN Headquarters on 1st Street Sinkor.

The UN in Liberia along with the GOL and other partners is celebrating the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence from 25 November to 10 December 2021 under the global theme “Orange the World: End violence against women now!” and the national theme, “Enough is enough! Let’s act now to end violence against women, girls, children and other marginalized groups.”

In a special message at the occasion, Madam Nizigama told the UN Staffers that as they celebrate the 16 Days to say ‘enough is enough’, has to start with them and they must carry the torch and making the world free from violence against women, girls and boys.

She indicated that as UN Staff they have the responsibility to continue to raise awareness on ending all forms of violence against women and girls.

“It has to start with us, we have to be the agent of change and the voice that speaks and people listen,” she said.

Madam Nizigama also encouraged her fellow colleagues to ensure that their homes, streets, mothers, children and all women, girls and boys are protected from all forms of violence.

She further urges them to redouble their efforts to end violence against women and girls now and not any other day.

According to her a UN Staff has responsibility to promote human rights everywhere and also be an example to fight violence perpetrated against women and girls.

Speaking further the UN Women Country Representative said that there are various forms of violence being perpetrated against women and girls in communities, neighborhoods, work places and the world at large.

She disclosed that their partner, non-partners or a boy subjects one in every three women before the age of 50 years around the world to physical or sexual violence once in a lifetime.

She maintained that violence against women remains unchanged over the last decade and gender stereotypes in harmful social norms including the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child marriage, stressing that in Liberia there is an increase in rape, domestic violence and FGM.

“Violence against the rights of women really need to stop, enough is enough. We cannot continue to live in a society where our lives as women and girls continue to remain endangered,” she said.

She however recognized that significant progress has been made through the Spotlight Initiative to prevent and eliminate violence against women, noting the gender equality forum and Government of Liberia and partners’ actions to build a global movement base on mobilizing GOL, CSOs and the national community on ending violence against women and girls.

Also speaking, the President of the Federation of the United Nations Staff Association in Liberia (FUNSAL), Kaman Weah condemn all forms of violence against women and girls at work places especially, amongst UN Staffers.

Mr. Weah said that UN Offices must be a safe place for both men and women to work.

He used the occasion to call on all UN staff to speak out if they experience any form of violence in their offices.

“If you think that you have no one to talk to, I am encouraging you to come to the leadership of the UN Staff Association and speak out and we will address the matter. Colleagues, we must use these mediums available and our leadership is ready to listen to staffs and act because there is no room for this in this leadership,” he said.

He told his fellow workers that gender equality should be obtain therefore every woman and girl should enjoy the same rights and opportunity equally as their male counterpart.

He also pledged his commitment in doing his part to end violence against women, girls and other marginalized groups and at the same time calling on his fellow workers to join him publicly to pledge their support to his commitment to end violence against women and girls in Liberia.

“You can lift your voice by advocating for gender equality in this country. Today is the day to say enough is enough let us act now and end all forms of violence against women and girls in Liberia and the world,” he said.

For his part, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Liberia, Niels Scott pointed that there cannot be sustainable development without basic human rights without eliminating violence against women in the homes, community and workplace.

According to the UN Liberia Resident Coordinator, Liberia cannot move ahead without eliminating all forms of violence against women, girls and marginalized group in schools, institutions and every aspect of work places.

He stressed that the Launch of the 16 Days of Activism is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to reenergize himself or herself to end violence against women.

Meanwhile, he encouraged everyone to get engage and contribute toward eliminating violence against women.

He vowed that they will continue to speak and if all of the messages and voices of violence against women and girls can come together than they can amplify the message against Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV).

“We are all responsible, ask yourself what have I done to help achieve gender equality or women empowerment, everyone needs to contribute and show concern to this fight of violence against women,” he said.

He recommited the UN effort to support the GOL and people of Liberia to end SGBV, FGM and other forms of violence against women, girls and marginalized groups.

At the same time he emphasized that lot more needs to be done and there should be a collective effort to bring violence against women down.

Mr. Scott noted that violence against women and girls hinders progress towards the attainment of sustainable development emphasizing that it is time for all of us to come together and fight gender-based violence against women and girls in Liberia.

“It is time to double efforts to implement the laws that have been passed, such as the Domestic Violence Act and enact outstanding bills designed to address the high incidence of gender-based violence,” Mr. Scott said.

However, the occasion ended with a penal discussion on the topics: Addressing Negative Practices Affecting Women and Girls in the Traditional Setting and Violence Against Women in Elections in Liberia.

Panelists and facilitators at the event were, Tamba Johnson, Chairperson of the National female genital mutilation working group; Setta Fofana Saah, Coordinator of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia (NACCEL) ; Counsellor Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice and Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee; Mmonbeydo Nadine Joah, President of the Network on Peace and Security for Women in the ECOWAS Region (NOPSWECO) and Executive Director of the Organization for Women and Children (ORWOCH) and Senator Botoe Kanneh.

“There is a lot more that needs to be done”


Niels Scott, UN Liberia Resident Coordinator

UN Resident Coordinator to Liberia

United Nations’ Resident Coordinator for Liberia, Mr. Niels Scott, has noted the need for more work to be done in eliminating all forms of violence and harmful practices against women in Liberia. The UN Envoy noted that in spite of effort made through programmes such as the European Union, United Nations and Government of Liberia Spotlight Initiative, and the sexual and gender based violence program previously funded by the Embassy of Sweden, more effort is still needed in ending gender based violence in Liberia. Mr. Scott spoke recently at the official launch ceremony for the 16 days campaign held in Margibi County, Liberia.

Mr. Scott cited statistics from the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, which show that cases of gender-based violence increased alarmingly in 2020 with more than 2240 cases being reported.

“There is need for us to collectively and individually contribute to ending gender-based violence and bring the number of cases down,” says Mr. Scott. “There is need to strengthen primary prevention efforts and redefine power relations that have often put women and girls in a vulnerable situation at family, community, and institutional levels,” he says.

Mr. Niels recommitted the United Nations’ efforts to support the Government of Liberia in the fight against gender-based violence. He emphasized that the United Nations would continue to provide support and work with partners to end all forms of violence in Liberia.

The keynote speaker, Honourable, Mawine Diggs, Minister of Commerce and Industry delivered a powerful speech and challenged everyone to question themselves what they have done to fight this societal plague at the individual level.

 “I call upon all Liberians and foreigners in Liberia to end violence now. “We must work together and end gender-based violence now. Issues of violence can no longer be handled the family way…Victims must be heard, and perpetrators must be held accountable, she said.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, Urban Sjöström who spoke on behalf of the embassies of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden and the European Union; urged the government to fulfill all commitments made including scaling up survivor center, comprehensive response to gender-based violence that includes prevention, psychosocial support for survivors, medical assistance, access to justice and rehabilitation programs for survivors, among other things.

Other speakers included Honourable Hassan Karney the Acting Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection who highlighted that stopping violence starts with believing survivors. He emphasized the need to end all forms violence against women and girls now.

Marie Goreth Nizigama, UN Women Country Representative for Liberia also attended the official launch ceremony.

The United Nations joined the Government and people of Liberia to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence which kicked off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and will run until 10 December, Human Rights Day.

The United Nations in Liberia is supporting the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to host a series of events that have been lined up to commemorate the 16 days of Activism campaign

The global theme for this year’s campaign is “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!” The national theme is, “Enough is enough; Let’s act now to end violence against women, girls, children and other marginalized groups.”

“We are in the stage of opportunity”    


 Amb. Endee, others showcase Liberia’s potentials in Dubai

Ambassador Juli Endee and team have been showcasing Liberia’s tourism investment opportunities to investors by splendid display of cultural performance in Dubai. Liberia’s Culture Ambassador said of the many places she has traveled to perform; Dubai was the biggest of all. She said showcasing Liberia’s culture in the UAE was a stage of opportunity for young artists in Liberia.

Ambassador Julie Endee, who heads the country’s team of cultural and musical artists attending the world event, Expo-2020, says Liberia’s participation is “not about dancing and music” alone. Instead, it  is alsot “making statements about who we are as a people and what we bring to the table”.

Ambassador Endee said her team of 60 members comprising of cultural dancers, artists and traditional people got five performances ready approved.

 The Culture Ambassador, in a very excited mood, thanked President Weah who she said did not travel to Dubai in person, but has nonetheless provided enormous support to ensure Liberia’s participation is a resounding success. “Before traveling here in Dubai, we went to President Weah for blessing and because of his blessing, we were able to perform excellently”, Ambassador Endee said.          

The periodic world fair, taking place this year in Dubai, the UAE, runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It provides an opportunity for countries to showcase their unique potential through displays of their cultural heritage, innovation, business opportunities and general way of life. It’s being held under the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Organizers say bringing the world together can serve as a catalyst for the “exchange of new perspectives and inspire action to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges”.

This year, 192 “pavilions” representing the total number of countries have been set up to feature each country’s story. In addition to featuring Liberia’s arts and craft, the country will also be exhibiting its potential in ecotourism, infrastructure, mining, Agriculture, etc.

Artifacts of more than a hundred years, which convey the story of the Liberia’s forefathers, will be on display, as will the account of President George M. Weah’s humble beginning.

The official Liberian delegation, headed by the Minister of State Without Portfolio, Trokon Kpui, held a major investment forum on the sidelines of the event with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. About 60 investors from the UAE met with officials of the Liberian government and private business people from various sectors.

Both partners explored opportunities in Agriculture, Tourism, commerce and industries, waste management, maritime, etc. 

Tuesday, November 30, was set aside as “Liberia Day” at the Expo.

 “We showcased Freedom, and our Cultural Heritage’, Ambassador Endee said.

The Liberian government delegation,according to information Ministry release, included Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie, Acting Public Works Minister, Ruth C. Collins and Gender Minister Williametta Saydee Tarr.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr will today on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 address cross section of participants at the Women’s Pavilion Programme Visions and Journeys Event of the 2020 Dubai Expo. 

The Gender Boss is expected to roll out Liberia’s transformative approach in uplifting women as well as outlining insidious challenges most Liberian women go through daily.

“Minister Tarr will highlight amongst others the significance of Liberia passing into law of the Domestic Violence Act of 2019; the surge in appointment of women into key Cabinet positions; the declaration of free Education in all public schools that has seen the rise in enrollment and retention of girls; the creation of Gender and Social Inclusion Units in various Ministries and Agencies that is currently blustering gender mainstreaming in the formulation and implementation of government policies and programs; the decline in the number of reported sexual and gender-based violence cases which can be attributed to the launch of the Anti Sexual and Gender Based Violence Roadmap 2020-2022 and Rural Social Cash Program which is reducing poverty by directly giving cash to households that are mainly headed by women”, Gender Ministry release said.

The release said, the Gender Minister would also touch on the firmed commitment and unflinching support from the Feminist-In-Chief H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah in achieving Gender Equality, which is the fulcrum of the Sustainable Development Goal #5. 

Additionally, she will share the Liberian Leader’s insistence that Gender Equality, which is a subset of the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), Pillar One, should be mainstreamed and prioritized by all government Institutions.

The organizers assert that the Expo principles are aligned perfectly with the values of the UAE, and with millions of visitors expected both on-site and online, the event will provide a unique opportunity to design and deliver a meaningful programme that accelerates the UAE’s collective progress.

Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr is being accompanied by her Deputy Minister for Research, Planning and Policy – Hassan Karneh and Assistant Minister for Administration, Mamensie Kabba.

Flashy Deal

  • House Passes Bao Chico Mineral Development Agreement

Monrovia, Liberia November 30, 2021: The plenary of the House of Representatives has unanimously voted to ratify the Mineral Development Agreement between the Government of Liberia and the Bao Chico Resources of Liberia Ltd.

Plenary took the decision Tuesday November 30, 2021 following a report from a joint Committee on Concession & Investment, Mines & Energy, Ways, Means Finance Development Planning and Judiciary.

Accordingly, the Mineral Development Agreement between the Government of Liberia and BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd is for the extraction of iron ore, to be operated under a Class ‘A’ Mining License for an initial term of 25 years from the effective date.

BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd. is a corporation duly registered under the laws of Liberia, TIN Number 500118730 for mineral exploration and mining in Liberia and on the 12th of August 2008, the company was granted an Exploration License MEL 12005 in accordance with Section 1.2 of the Exploration Regulations for the exploration of Mineral Products within the area specified on the license which covered a total area of 87.4km2 within Gbarpolu County.

The company’s license, which was renewed on the 15th of August 2013, is expected to provide direct benefits in the form of employments and revenue generation.

In terms of financial benefits, According to the report the company shall pay all taxes and duties and conform to all procedures pursuant to applicable law; the company shall be taxed on its net taxable income at a rate not to exceed 25 percent; pay the Government’s royalties on all its mineral product sales and transfers for iron ore, a royalty of 4.5 percent determined in accordance with Section 703 of the Revenue Code and for other minerals, as provided for in the Revenue Code and pay into the Government’s general revenue account a signature fee of US$3 million, payable according to the following schedule: that US$1.5 million within 30 business days of the effective date; (ii) US$1 million on the first anniversary of the effective date; and (iii) US$0.5 million on second anniversary of the effective date.

The report further stated that in the space of 10 years following the effective date, the company shall pay an annual lump sum amount of US$60,000 to be paid in two installments of US$30,000 each on January 15 and July 15 of each calendar year.

Pursuant to Section 18.4 of the Mining Law, the company shall make one-time contribution of US$10,000 to the Mineral Development Fund, payable on the Effective Date. Pay an annual surface rental fee for all land within the production area of US$50,000 from the effective date up to the fifth anniversary of the effective date; from the sixth anniversary through the term, the company shall pay an annual surface rental fee for all land within the production area of US$30,000.

In terms of social/economic benefits, as part of its social contribution, BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd. is expected to provide the followings, an annual social contribution of US$300,000 commencing on the effective date until the fifth anniversary of the effective date, and an annual social contribution of US$500,000 from the sixth anniversary of the effective date until the end of the term.

A General Education Funding of US$80,000 to Gbarpolu County, contributed annually through a company administered program.

Pay a Scientific Research Fund of US$50,000 annually, commencing on the start of commercial production and payable thereafter on the anniversary of the effective date through the term.

This amount shall be paid into the general revenue account of the Government for the Scientific Research Fund aimed at generating geo-scientific data and information.



In the run-up to the October 10 elections, ECOWAS and the United Nations (UN) have noted with grave concern the violence that broke out in Lofa County between the Unity Party (UP) and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), leading to the loss of three lives, which they condemn in the strongest terms.

In a press statement dated Saturday , September 30, 2023. ECOWAS and the UN extend deep condolences to the families of the deceased.

“In the spirit of the Farmington River Declaration 2023, the protection of human rights, and under the due process of the rule of law, ECOWAS and the UN call on the leaders of the UP and CDC to strongly urge their partisans to refrain from provocation and any other acts of violence.”

They further invite the UP and CDC to fully cooperate with the LNP in the ongoing investigations.

ECOWAS and the UN commend the Liberia National Police (LNP) for promptly restoring calm. They urge the LNP to conduct speedy and impartial investigations, make public their findings and ensure that the perpetrators are prosecuted.

Moreover, ECOWAS and the UN have called on the media to be responsible in their reporting so as to avoid inflaming the volatile situation.

“ECOWAS and the UN call on all stakeholders and the public at large to continue upholding the values of peace, accountability, respect for the rule of law, in order to consolidate peace and security in Liberia during this critical electoral period.”

Power struggle leaves Liberians At-risk 


-As Foya chaos sends discord 

By Jerromie S. Walters

“Of course we are militants, people need to be afraid but however- we are not here to offend nobody, we are not here to destroy but whosoever that challenges to offend us, we will be prepared to respond to them”- Nua Tamba Morris- Chairperson of the Eight-hundred Militants in Foya, Lofa County narrated, prior to the merciless killing of a man believed to have been a supporter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), on Friday, September 29, 2023. Ut us being speculated that about two persons didn’t survive (died) the incident.

The euphoria of Foya District, Lofa County displayed a scene of chaos, devastation, and a palpable sense of despair, following the deliberate perpetrated murder of a man believed to have been a supporter of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), by individuals who are said to be supporters of the opposition Unity Party (UP).

As established so far, some of the perpetrators of the recent murder/violence in Foya are individuals who were also dressed up in dominant red, similar to the Unity Party (UP) Eight-hundred Militant. Few other individuals that were seen in the act literally never had dominant red, but are also believed to be supporters of the Unity Party (UP).

Ahead of the incident, Nua Tamba Morris- Chairperson of the Eight-hundred Militants in Foya, Lofa County attributed the group’s political affiliation to the opposition Unity Party (UP), which he said was established with a paramount goal to protect their party.

“Of course we are militants, people needs to be afraid but however- we are not here to offend nobody, we are not here to destroy but whosoever that challenges to offend us, we will be prepared to respond to them.”

He continued, “We just found this group, it is to protect our parents and also protect the party. It should not doubt you, you want to tell the people that we are happy, especially we have received our people from America and other places so we are happy and we are jubilating to let the people know that Lofa County belongs to Unity Party.”

However, a vivid description of the scene showed how the victim earlier struggled to escape from the sight of the Unity Party’s supporters, but said quest didn’t yield fruit, as he was heavily surrendered, and brutally tortured till he went unconscious and later reportedly died.

The few minutes of the victim’s agony left visceral emotions and the harrowing aftermath, considering that even after he became helpless, he was made to suffer the consequences of falling in their hands, as the various individuals who are believed to be supporters of the Unity Party (UP) unmercifully brutalized him to their satisfaction.

Moreover, scores of other individuals on the scene were only heard saying, “He’s s CDC supporter, your just tie him, he will died, as they comfortably watched him being brutalized.

At a news conference on Friday, September 29, 2023, the ruling CDC condemned the brutal killings of its supporters in Foya, and called for the arrest and prosecution of all perpetrators. After what they termed as an in-depth investigation into this sad tragedy, “the CDC has established that hundreds of supporters of the Unity Party Standard-bearer orchestrated and carried out a deliberate attack on the premises of the Coalition for Democratic Change’s District-I Representative- Candidate Thomas P. Fallah, extensively vandalizing properties,

looting market stalls, killing three innocent citizens in cold blood, and leaving five persons confirmed to have sustained wounds of varying degrees.”

The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) believes that the sought intervention of the international developnent partners

is essential. “This sustained gush of fury, violence & vitriol from menbers of the

Unity Party, which was recently amplificd by its flag-bearer when he threatened to ‘End Liberia.., cannot be taken lightly. As the CDC and the Liberian people mourn the gruesome murder of three innocent citizens, we call for the immediate arrest and

prosecution of all perpetrators of this deliberate act of mayhem.”

However, the Unity Party campaign spokesman, Mo Ali, disclosed that the incident was prompted by supporters of Rep. Fallah who began throwing stones at members of the Unity Party from his compound.

Like Mo Ali, the Secretary General of the UP blames the CDC for the incident, and further alleged that the situation became more complicated after a Liberia Immigration Service officers who he said left Rep. Thomas Fallah’s compound and suddenly fired live bullets among the aggrieved citizens.

Following the incident, the Joint Security late Friday , September 29, 2023, disclosed that it is to shortly dispatch its Special Investigation Team on Election Violence for the 2023 General and Presidential Elections to investigate clashes in Foya, Lofa County, which reportedly occurred between individuals believed to be supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change and the Unity Party.

The LNP noted that the team is mandated by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to fast-track the investigation and report its findings the soonest. 

The Joint Security Says its Media Relations Team will, on today, September 30, 2023, provide an initial update on the incident in Foya, Lofa County.

Undoubtedly, there are countless of effects of disturbing situations like the recent one, as politics in Liberia has been devastating, leaving a lasting impact on the country and its people. Liberia has a long history of political turmoil and violence, with bloody conflicts having occurred throughout its recent history.

However, political pundits believe the act contradicts the beauty of civil politics, and it warrants speedy investigation. This is because they say the country has already had troubling days and undergone a process of reconciliation and peace-building.

At the crucial point of the country’s existence, they have admonished all Liberians to recall about the effects of bloody politics in Liberia and have been far-reaching and devastating. The loss of human life, economic decline, psychological trauma, and regional instability are just some of the consequences that the country has had to endure. While progress has been made in addressing these effects, there is still much work to be done to ensure lasting peace and stability in Liberia.

“We Don’t Want Ma Cusser”


-District #10 Gives Josephine Davis Greenlight

With the masses’ (voters) current reactions to her political endeavor, Madam Josephine Davies, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Representative candidate in Montserrado County, District #10, now has genuine reason (s) to only await the official pronouncement by the National Elections Commission (NEC), and her certification as the district next lawmaker.

Montserrado County District 10 witnessed an incredible show of support as the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Representative candidate Josephine Davies officially launched her campaign to become the district’s lawmaker. 

The event, which drew massive crowds Wednesday, September 27, 2023, demonstrated that madam Davies has successfully captured the hearts and minds of her constituents, thus giving them a renewed hope of adequate representation during the 55th Legislature in 2024.

With an unwavering commitment to serve all residents of District 10, madam Davies, who once served with distinction as the Ministry of Commerce Inspector General has set forth a vision that promises effective representation and tangible development for the entire district.

As Liberians prepare to go to the polls on October 10 of this year to elect a new breed of leaders, the CDC candidate is however facing serious challenge from incumbent Representative Yekeh Kolubah who is known across the district and the country at large for his continuous invective against the Liberian presidency, his colleagues and others prominent figures in the society.

But during the campaign launch which started with a rally from the entry of various communities across the district, thousands of supporters, dressed in their blue, white and red berets and t-shirts, were also heard chanting anti-slogans against Rep. Kolubah like: “We Don’t Want Ma Cusser, We Want Jojo; Da Jojo We Want; Thank God I Get My Voting Card, Da My One Vote Can Make JojoWin, and We Tired With Cussing, We Want Development among others.

The rally, held at the famous CDC headquarters in Congo Town, within district 10, also witnessed Davies’ charismatic presence and an outpouring of enthusiasm from her supporters, with some opposition supporters including Representative Yekeh Kolubah four siblings alike all pledged their unwavering support to madam Davies Representative ambition.

In her rousing speech, Davies eloquently articulated her vision for people of District 10, and stressed the importance of inclusivity, promising to be the representative for all, regardless of political affiliation, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status.

Nevertheless, her commitment to fairness and justice further resonated deeply with the audience, eliciting resounding cheers and applause as well as the chanting of battle cry from thousands of supporters in attendance.

The CDC candidate further acknowledged the challenges faced by the district, ranging from inadequate infrastructure, limited access to quality education, healthcare disparities, and high unemployment rates.

Pledging to address these pressing issues head-on, she outlined a comprehensive plan of action already crafted and agreed upon by local leaders of the District that included robust investment in infrastructure, initiatives to improve educational facilities, and programs to cultivate job opportunities.

Furthermore, madam Davies emphasized her intent to foster open lines of communication with constituents by regularly organizing town hall meetings and implementing participatory governance practices, and expressed her belief in collaborative decision-making, stating that she would be receptive to the concerns and ideas put forth by the residents of District 10.

Meanwhile, throughout the campaign launch, supporters passionately shared their personal experiences with Davies, testifying to her dedication and tireless work on behalf of the community.

Many spoke of her previous community involvement, citing her unwavering commitment to public service and her ability to bring people together including women and youths of the district for the common good.

Davies, in her closing remark, also assured her constituents that she would prioritize transparency and accountability, and pledged to be accessible to all, establishing a responsive and responsible office that would actively engage with residents to ensure their voices are heard and represented.

The overwhelming support received during Josephine Davies’ campaign launch now sets a promising precedent for her bid to become Montserrado County District 10’s representative, and with her vision and determination, Davies appears primed to bring positive and transformative changes to the district, valuing inclusivity, fairness, and progress above all else.

“I know you are committed to our reelection”


-Pres. Weah tells Nimbians.

As he continues with his campaign tour, President George Weah says he’s confident that the people of Nimba County are resolved, and they are committed to his reelection.

At a recent rally in the county, President Weah admonished the people of Nimba to support his reelection, judging from his performance over the last five years.

“With the confident that you repose in me, I know you are committed to our reelection, there’s no doubt.” I want you to know that this time around, we brought your son onboard and today, I will ask you Nimbians to vote for me to give me a second term so I can leave my legacy. I say to you, please vote for Roland Doe.”

He added, “I’m your son, I’m your brother, and I’m your President. I came here to appreciate you,  I’m not going to talk about anyone, most especially our young children, the insignificant president that they said if you make him president, is the president today that is significant.”

The President further emphasized, “I want to say thank you, I want to be grateful for what you have done for me. In 2005, you voted for me, in 2011, you voted for our candidate Wisdom Tubman, in 2017, you did not let us down, you voted for me, I want to thank you, I’m grateful.” 

It can be referenced that President George Weah on Monday, September 25, 2023, touched down on the soil of Lofa County to tumultuous reception, as an indication that the narrative and long-held perception that the county is reserved for his arch-political rival has changed.

Thousands of partisans, supporters, and citizens trooped and swelled towns and villages in the county, beginning from the border town of Beyan Town to Salayea and then Zorzor to welcome President Weah 

Not only did the citizens of Salayea and Zorzor Districts expressed their loyalty and support to the President’s 2nd term bid by coming out in unusual numbers, but they equally assured him of their unceasing and unflinching commitment to ensuring that he is reelected.

“Mr. President, we want to thank you for the many developments you are undertaking in our county and country,” said the spokesman of the elders of Zorzor.

“You have proven to us, the people of Lofa County, that you are good man, a man with good heart. In 2017, we didn’t vote for you, yet you are building our roads and employed our sons and daughters in your government,” he further asserted during the political rally in Zorzor. 

Also, the young people of Salayea and Zorzor, besides the pledge made by their fathers and mothers to support the president, showered praises on President Weah for a “job well done” by taking burdens on their parents.

Patrick Vasselley on behalf of the young people (first-time voters), said they have resolved to reelect the President to build their road and develop the country, noting they are convinced he is the only one who has the political will and heart to do so.

“Mr. President, we want to inform you that we will not get tired of you because you are the one who is developing our county and country,” Vessellie said, and also encouraged the President not to be bothered by the gimmicks of his opposition opponents claiming to be rescuers, but instead they are “resting.”

Addressing citizens of Salayea and Zorzor at the crowded political rallies, the Liberian President prided his record of appointing sons and daughters of Lofa in his government despite the fact he didn’t get huge support in 2017.

He thanked the people of Lofa County for the support rendered him then, which he said summed up the total votes he received nationwide to become president. 

President Weah equally spoke of the importance of reelecting him so as to enable him to continue the road and other development projects.

Compared with others in the presidential race, the CDC political leader told Lofans that he is the best among them, someone with the heart and compassion to develop the country.

“I am the best among them, I am a developer, and this is why I am developing the country,” he told cheerful Lofans and added “I want to ask you, people of Zorzor and Salayea to vote for me, to reelect me so we can move the road to the next level.”

“I am your brother, son, your family, I am one of you. You didn’t know me in 2017. You voted for me, and I have performed. So I am asking you to give me another six years so we can leave a legacy of development and prosperity,” he disclosed.

He informed Lofans that he had already secured the funds through the government of United Arab Emirates and Qatar to continue the next phase of the road.

Following successful engagement with the people of Salayeaand Zorzor, President Weah is expected to move into Voinjama and other towns and cities to spread his agenda for more developments if given another six years mandate on October 10, 2023.

“We Will Grow the Economy”


– Cummings vows

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings says his economic development agenda for national prosperity, sets him apart from other candidates and reassures his confidence that Liberians will elect him as the next President on October 10. 

Cummings said his clean and enviable corporate record of efficient and effective management of a  multi-billion  conglomerate gives him an appreciable understanding of what to do and what Liberians want.

He said President George Weah is a career footballer with no knowledge of governance, while Mr. Joseph N. Boakai credits himself with wealth of “government experience,” but lacks knowledge of economic and private sector development and how to create jobs and opportunities for the thousands of unemployed Liberians.

He made the assertions Thursday, September 28, during a talk-show on SKY FM in Monrovia.

Cummings said he has vast knowledge and experience in managing and growing businesses, knows how to identify talents and build teams, and create the conducive environment to attract foreign direct investments to Liberia. 

He said as President, the CPP will ensure Liberia reaps the full benefits of its natural resources whichwill be used for the general good of all Liberians, while at the same time, pursuing any public officials suspected or accused of stealing.

Cummings said it is disheartening to see rural dwellers living in worsening economic conditions, while communities and counties where multinational companies are extracting millions of dollars worth of resources.remain in a deplorable state. 

He said lack of proper and sincere leadership, which is genuinely committed to serving the Liberian people, has subjected them to extreme suffering and poverty, amidst the abundance of natural resources and wealth.

“We know what to do and what Liberians want,” Cummings said, noting that Liberians need massive job and creation of a strong and vibrant private sector aimed at creating an economic middle class.

Cummings said within the first one hundred days of his Presidency, a CPP Administration will initiate a U$20 million loan scheme for Liberian entrepreneurs, including market women, to sustain and grow their businesses.

He said a  CPP Administration will institute real and fundamental changes that will spur economic prosperity, and that all Liberians, irrespective of political and religious affiliations or ethnicity, will be accorded equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities.

He said, however,  Liberians are left with three choices: to choose either to return to the past, like the country’s past undesirable history,  choose to remain in the present failed and miserable system or choose a brighter future with the CPP.

Cummings said the CPP represents the new future of hope, with new people, new  mindset and with the requisite capacity and expertise to grow  the economy and put Liberians back to work.

The CPP Standard Bearer said, with him as President and Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine as Vice President, it will not be “business as usual” and that every Liberian will be part of the new government and without discrimination.

Cummings expressed optimism of winning the October poll and said he is excited with the massive support and solidarity at various political rallies including the recent September 14, Kakata rally, and the September 27, Women Solidarity Parade which attracted an estimated 6,000 women.

The Women Solidarity Parade was the prelude to the much publicized October 1, CPP “Victory Rally” to be held at the Antionette Tubman Stadium. 

It is expected attract a record crowd unprecedented in the political history of Liberia.

Cummings pleaded with Liberians, especially women  – considered as Liberia’s foundation and youths, said to be  the country’s future leaders, to turnout en masse and let their voices be heard for change in Liberia.

“Sande is now Initiation Without Mutilation”


-Amb. Endee provides clarity on FGM

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

Amid controversies about the closure of bush schools that erupted from the three years ban placed on the practice of female genital mutilation FGM in Liberia, the traditional queen- Ambassador Julie Endee recently provided that bush schools are not close as speculated in the public, rather the recent step is in an endeavor to ensure “Initiation Without Mutilation” into bush schools.

“The sende schools are operating and having students admitted through initiation without mutilation. But the poro schools are closed because of the elections. During elections, there is a likely-hood that a member of the poro could be contesting and when a none member is campaigning, there’s a possibility that they could come out to prevent that none member from contesting. Therefore, all poro schools are closed till after the election.” The traditional queen said

Traditional people have revealed that the Poro is one of the traditional schools where males go to learn traditional practices and how to become a better traditional leader and father. On the other hand, the sende school is a traditional school intended for females and it’s where they are thought basic traditional knowledge and how to become a proper home wife.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a harmful traditional practice that has been globally condemned.

Globally, it is estimated that over 200 million girls and women have undergone FGM. Prevalence varies significantly by region, with the practice most common in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and some Asian countries.

In Liberia, while specific prevalence rates may vary across different regions, FGM remains a concerning issue. Local prevalence data suggests that a significant portion of the female population has been subjected to this practice.

FGM is deeply intertwined with cultural beliefs and practices. It is often considered a rite of passage, a way to preserve tradition, or a means of ensuring marriageability and social acceptance for girls and women in certain communities.

Ambassador Julie Endee who spoke at the media training workshop on objective reporting on FGM, held at the Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia, added that there are two types of traditional schools for females.

She said the Sende is practiced in eleven counties while the Bodio is practiced in four counties, and the Sende is divided into three kinds.

“There are three kinds of Sende. The Muslim Sende and Mask Sende are the Mowa and they are the ones practicing FGM. The Kpowa Sende are the ones that don’t practice FGM” But currently the ban on the FGM is active, while the official closure of the FGM portion of it is ongoing.”

In furtherance, the culture ambassador stated that the elimination of FGM is not just Liberia issue that must be done locally, but be done continentally and globally. She urged journalists when reporting on the elimination and engaging the practitioners ofFGM, they must not put the donors’ mandate first instead the elders’ mandate.

Furthermore, she encouraged journalists to engage FGM practitioners with respect and tell them the alternative measure of attaining livelihood, because over the years, FGM has been the only source of livelihood.

“Because you put the donors’ mandate first and not the elders, and you treat them with disdain, they don’t listen when you talk about abolishing FGM. You have to put their message first and respect their culture and appreciate the positive aspect of the practices before telling them to stop FGM.”

ActionAid Liberia Calls for Urgent Action towards Climate Justice


By Jerromie S. Walters

ActionAid Liberia (AAL), a human rights and social Justice Organization operating in Liberia has expressed deep concern over what it sees as the escalating global impact of climate change, which has resulted in the loss of countless lives, exacerbated poverty, and imposed financial burdens on economic worldwide, with a particular impact on the countries in the World South.

During its National Climate Justice campaign launch Thursday, September 28, 2023, the NGO through a press statement emphasized that while acknowledging the government’s efforts, including investments in the Global Environmental Facility Fund to preserve Liberia’s coastal natural capital and the ambitious nationally determined contribution plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there is a pressing need for more substantial funding for agroecology and renewable energy. 

ActionAid believes that these sustainable systems are effective in promoting food security and reducing carbon emissions. Renewable energy, in particular, has the potential to surpass global energy demand by 2050 and is already more cost-effective than fossil fuels in most cases.

“However, adequate financing remains a challenge, including the need for scaled-up funding to achieve universal energy access. Transforming the food system is also crucial to address the climate crisis and global food and livelihood needs.”

ActionAid says Agroecology is increasingly recognized as a viable alternative to industrialized agriculture, but this transformation requires governments and Tenders to prioritize food sovereignty and shift away from extractive commodity-focused approaches, It necessitates support in the form of gender-responsive training. 

“The continued financing of planet-destructive activities by world banks and governments must cease. Banks should put to a halt corporate financing for the expansion of fossil fuels and develop rapid exit strategies from oil and gas investments. Action Aid Liberia.”

With this, ActionAid is calling out this absurd flow of money towards the climate crisis, and demanding with young people, women-led organizations and allies for increased public funds for agroecology and renewable energy.” “We believe an end to poverty and injustice can be achieved through purposeful individuals and collective actions led by active agency of people living in poverty and supported by solidarity, credible right-based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of poverty.”

Additionally, the local NGO recommends, “banks should discontinue funding for deforestation and harmful industrialagriculture practices, establishing robust guidelines for exit strategies.”

“The government is urged to enforce selective regulation of the banking, finance, fossil fuel, and industrial agriculture sectors, including the mandatory development of climate transition plans.”

They continued, “Redirecting harmful subsidies and prioritizing Just transitions towards real solutions such as renewable energy and agroecology is of utmost importance.”

Moreover, ActionAid says as the climate crisis intensifies, the culprits, namely fossil fuel industrial agriculture, continue to expand unchecked. “In Liberia, the extractive industries, including Mining and Forestry, are the primary drivers of environmental degradation, despite contributing more than 54% to the national GDP.”

“The nation’s fertile lands are predominantly dominated by monoculture plantations like rubber, cocoa, and palm production, undermining thousands of smallholder farmers and their sustainable agroecological systems, which have the potential to both feed the nation and mitigate climate change. 

Moreover, logging activities carried out by major companies have led to severe biodiversity loss and deforestation.”

It says In 2019/2020, the forest sector produced a staggering 87,996.7 m3 of round logs, with financing from five major companies, namely Mandra Forestry Liberia Ltd., Brilliant Majulnc., Alpha Logging & Wood Processing Ltd., L&S Resources Ltd., and West African Forestry Development Inc., accounting for a substantial 63% of round log production in Liberia (source: Liberia LEITI 13th Report FY2019/20). Mineral mining in Liberia has disrupted communities’ livelihoods polluted rivers and streams, degraded land, created toxic deposits in open pits, and forced migrations and displacements.”

Also, it was made known that “major players like Bea Mountain, Arcelor Mital, and MNG Gold are investing millions in this sector, often with inadequate regulation. These poorly regulated activities significantly contribute to the ongoing climate crisis in Liberia. resulting in erratic rainfalls, flooding., coastal erosion, windstorms, epidemics, food insecurity, and more.”

Earlier at the occasion, the European Union (EU) delegate articulated, “Climate is going to bring more people into poverty.” She described the campaign as the start of a long quest and a timely one.

However, she believes the government and its citizens have a lot to do in committing themselves to climate Justice, as the country is highly at risk in terms of climate change.

ActionAid Liberia (AAL) is a human rights and social Justice Organization operating in Liberia since 1997 to advance the rights of women, children. young organization operating in Liberia since 1997 to advance communities and shift the development paradigm to one that people, excluded and marginalized communities and shit rights-based approach (HRBA) and an intersectional is people-centered, utilizing our human rights-based an campaigns, policy, advocacy and partnerships. 

PUL – Team Kanubah Pushes For Accountability AtPUL


-Ahead of Union’s 59th Anniversary 

As the Press Union of Liberia turns 59 on this Saturday, a journalists’ leadership group says holding accountable those responsible for corruption at the PUL must be the foremost priority for all journalists and media stakeholders.

The National Campaign Management Team of Julius Kanubah – Beatrice Sieh for leadership of the PUL believes prioritizing accountability is paramount to ensuring a credible PUL.

Team Kanubah’s push for accountability is against the gross mismanagement of the PUL during the former administration of Charles Coffey, Daniel Nyakonah, Musa Kenneh, and AkoiBaysah.

The Coffey–Nyakonah administration is notorious for introducing and perpetrating a system of fraud in relation to the PUL Full Membership Register as part of a vote rigging scheme.

Moreover, the former administration of Coffey–Nyakonah–Kenneh–Baysah is yet to account for more than 40–thousand United States dollars in donations to the PUL. 

This includes but not limited to:

§​US$10,000 by Daniel Cassell during the PUL 56th Anniversary celebrations in Tubmanburg, Bomi County in September 2020;

§​US$10,000 by the Government of Liberia during the PUL 57th Anniversary celebrations Voinjama, Lofa County in September 2021; and,

§​US$10,000 by the Government of Liberia during the World Press Freedom Day celebrations in River Gee County in May 2022.

Aside from the above unaccountable money, Coffey, Nyakonah, Kenneh, and Baysah have failed to present financial statement and comprehensive narrative report of programs and projects implemented during the last three years of their former administration.

This is in complete violation of Article 10 Section 6 of the PUL Constitution.

As a result of these violations, especially the failure to produce a credible PUL Full Membership Register, a fraud case was filed against the former administration of Coffey, Nyakonah, Kenneh, and Baysah along with their collaborators.

Team Kanubah meanwhile commends all international and local partners who have taken serious the calls not to do business with Charles Coffey, Daniel Nyakonah, Musa Kenneh, and AkoiBaysah in the name of the PUL.

The four men tenure expired since November 2022, and they are restrained by a Court’s Stay Order not to undertake any activity in the name of the PUL until a legal determination into the case of constitutional violations underpinned by fraud.

Although Daniel Nyakonah and Akoi Baysah have continued to follow the path of Coffey and Kenneh to disrespect the Court’s Stay Order by impersonating as leaders of the PUL, Team Kanubah says this will not go with impunity. 

Their defiance to the Court’s Stay Order is yet another act of fraud and a direct affront to the judicial circuit court and by extension the Supreme Court, which took seize of the PUL case. 

The Kanubah Campaign Team also underscores that the PUL former administration lacks the moral authority to speak on electoral integrity amid ongoing debates on the failure of the National Elections Commission to publish the Final Registration Roll of eligible Liberian voters.

Team Kanubah believes the press release issued in the name of the PUL on 25 September 2023 by Akoi Baysah under the guidance of Daniel Nyakonah is deceptive and pretentious.

Baysah and Nyakonah are part of the Coffey former administration that failed to produce a credible Membership Register in line with Article 10 Section 7 of the PUL constitution.

For Nyakonah and Baysah to now have the audacity to present themselves as prophets of integrity in elections shows how shameless they are, Team Kanubah declares. 

Nyakonah and Baysah must not be taken seriously but for what they are: as morally corrupt and adverse to the principles of honesty in elections and leadership, says Team Kanubah. 

It is advisable that Nyakonah and Baysah focus first on removing the poop of fraud from their eyes before pointing to the controversies involving the NEC regarding the disaggregated Final Registration Roll.

Finally, Team Kanubah congratulates Liberian journalists, media practitioners and institutions on the 59th Anniversary of the PUL. We are optimistic of a brighter future for our Union once the fraudsters are expunged and held accountable for the over half a decade of mismanagement. 

MOE Receives Foreign Teachers


By G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

The Liberian government through the Ministry of Education has received an initial batch of 14 certified Nigerian Technical Assistance Corps Volunteer Teachers- to teach at secondary schools in five of the 15 counties.

Accordingly, this is in fulfillment of President George Weah’s promise made some years ago to improve the country’s educational sector as one of the key priorities of the CDC regime under the Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.

The official welcoming ceremony held on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at the MOE head office housed at the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, brought together key education stakeholders, top government officials and the local media.

Speaking at the program, Education Minister Professor D. Ansu Sonii said the plea with the Nigerian government to have those volunteer teachers in Liberia was initiated by President Weah, adding that the total of 42 of the TAC classroom teachers are poised to be in the country.

He noted that the 14 teachers will be divided among and deployed in five of the 15 counties to include: Lofa with 3, Nimba 3, Bomi 1, Grand Bassa 2 and Grand Cape Mount 5.

The MOE Boss added that by the end of this September, the second batch of the volunteer teachers will join the second group, while the final batch will follow at a later date to complete the total number to 42 volunteer teachers across the country.

“Regardless of the time the initiative is taking effect, whether close or far from the holding of the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections, it is a milestone achievement under my watch as the Minister and the Liberian government headed by President George Weah. This demonstrates his commitment to improving the education sector of this country,” Prof. Sonii stressed.

The Minister of Education also indicated that the presence of the volunteer teachers in the country is as a result of a bilateral agreement reached between Nigerian and Liberian Presidents, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and George Manneh Weah respectively.

According to Minister Ansu Sonii, the Nigerian government has already provided those teachers their compensations for the time of their stay, while the Liberian government only accommodates and provides other basic social services through the respective County Education Officers.

He said the County Education Officers have already provided furnished residential areas and other services for the TAC volunteer teachers. 

“The credit is given to the both presidents of the two countries, and irrespective of the timing of these teachers coming, it is an achievement that a request made by the president several years ago is coming to fruition,” he added.

At the same time, Minister Dao Ansu Sonii has clarified that no teacher in Liberia should worry about jobs being taken away from them by the TAC volunteer teachers.

He stressed that President Weah is just responding to mitigate some of the key challenges confronting the sector and as such, no Liberian teacher’s job will be tempered with by the presence of these foreign teachers.

Meanwhile, the Representative of the Nigerian Technical Assistance Corps Volunteer Teachers, Adeleke Roland Sunkanmi assured the Liberian government their full commitment and pledge to maintain a high level of professionalism.

He promised that his team is determined to work very hard, partner with the key stakeholders to promote quality education for the Liberian students, noting that they have only come to teach but to also learn the traditions, cultures of Liberia and the education system.

“We are going to be goodwill ambassadors and this opportunity is a privilege provided to us by the government of Liberia,” the TAC Volunteer Teachers’ Rep. concluded.

However, our reporter who covered the event said copies of the medical reports of the volunteer teachers were submitted to the Minister of Education, Prof. Ansu Sonii by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Charge d’ Affairs ManirIbrahim.

The documents state that all of them are mentally fit to work as teachers based on the standard laid down by the DTAC during the selection process and guideline governing deployment of those teachers under Nigeria’s Technical Aid Corps Scheme.

The 14 TAC Volunteer Teachers are: Okunlola Israel Ojuotimi, Adeleke Roland Sunkanmi, Ojo Temitope Jhonbul, Suleiman Isaik, Mohammed Kawu Umar, Onyekwere Benedicta Obiama, Olowodalu Olaleye-Francis, Omidiora Josiah Fuminiyi.

Others include: Bagu Amos Dalyop, Oloruntobi Abiodun Mary, Ugwu Ejike Samuel, Tonjes Dachung Dagwo, OgunmiloyeAbiodun Oluwafifunmi, and Aliyu Jamiu Muhammed.

Opposition Political Parties Put NEC Feet To Fire


-Call for swift remedies to apt electoral issues.

Opposition Political Parties that have agreed to cooperate to protect and safeguard the votes of the Liberian people and to ensure the integrity of the pending electoral process, have called upon the National Elections Commission (NEC) to immediately release the Final Registration Roll (FRR) of certified voters, categorized by location, and to ensure its timely distribution to all political parties and independent candidates. 

According to them, delays in releasing the FRR not only undermine transparency but also threaten the credibility of the electoral process. “Timely access to the FRR is essential for all political parties and stakeholders to prepare adequately for the elections and to ensure the integrity of the process.”

“We call upon all Liberian citizens to remain peaceful as we renew our commitments to a violent-free election as well as to ensure the integrity of the votes of Liberians.”

The opposition parties also emphasized that consequential as these elections are for our country, they must be seen by Liberians to be free, fair, and credible. “We are committed to this shared duty because we understand that Liberia’s democracy thrives only when citizens actively participate and their government acts to uphold their rights and democratic values. Peaceful civic engagement is the cornerstone of our democracy, and we will continue to collectively work to achieve that goal.”

They continued, “We remind the Weah-led government of its significant responsibility for conducting a free, fair, and credible election. It is, therefore, imperative that the government ensures the electoral systems function efficiently and that all necessary resources are adequately provided to facilitate a smooth and credible election. Ultimately, the responsibility for the success of the elections rests with the Weah-led government.”

In conclusion, the Opposition Political Parties that are cooperating to protect and safeguard the votes in Liberia, say they are committed to promoting transparency, fairness, and the highest standards of democracy in our nation. 

“We call upon all stakeholders, including the NEC and the government, to meet their responsibilities and work together to ensure that the upcoming elections are a true reflection of the will of the Liberian people. We will continue to engage constructively with the NEC and international partners as we all strive to sustain Liberia’s peace.”

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