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Liberia Risks Catastrophic Landslide


– Environmental Analyst Revivals

An environmental analyst and lab manager at the Liberian Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has predicted a serious catastrophic landslide in the not-too-distant future in Liberia if the government of Liberia fails to take the necessary steps to control plastic waste management and mining of the Jallah Town Hill on the Capitol Bypass.

Mr. Sam P. Jallah, a math and chemistry lecturer at African Methodist Episcopal University (ANEU) and United Methodist University (UMU), predicted that if nothing is done by the government to address the rapid urban migration and construction of houses in the Jallah Town area, the country will experience a huge loss.

Speaking in an interview with a team of journalists over the week at the G. W. Gibson School Campus in Central Monrovia, he warned that Liberia will, in a no-distance period, repeat the mistake of neighboring Sierra Leone, which had an ugly and catastrophic landslide that led to the deaths of many.I was part of the team that did the research during the Sierra Leone landslide. During our research, we discovered that the landslide happened as a result of plastic and the undermining of the area for the construction of human habitation. And that is what we are now seeing in Jallah Town.

The way that Jallah Town is looking and the fact that people are just mining it because they want to build will cause a major landslide in a short period of time. ”One day, we’ll wake up to find that the entire population of that area has been buried by a landslide,” Mr. Jallah warned.He also predicted that if the government does not implement regulations against plastic waste management and disposal, Liberia will have limited or no crop growth and production in some areas with high levels of plastic waste in fifty years.

The analytical chemist disclosed that plastic waste takes one million years to get rotten, something he claimed that only a limited portion of Liberians are aware of.”Only a small percentage of the population is aware that plastic waste takes one million years to decompose.”The wrongful disposal of plastic waste is a serious threat to our crops’ growth and production. When you walk on the street and in the community, you see plastic and other recyclable waste. However, after some time, you don’t see them when rain falls or when people wrongfully dispose of them. Meanwhile, those plastic wastes are buried beneath the soil and covered with a thin layer of sand. “And so fifty years from now, if the government doesn’t put things in order, Liberia will plan crops and they will not grow,” he indicated.

The environmentalist is alarmed that the farmer will soon complain of crop growth because the plant needs setting nutrients to produce fruit; therefore, if the plant doesn’t have those nutrients because of the plastic beneath the soil, it will grow but not produce fruit. Meanwhile, speaking about the country’s oil and gasoline sector, the analytical chemist stated that politics should not be brought into science. He lamented that until Liberia and African governments can respect and prioritize their local scientists, Africa and Liberia will never be developed.

“Development doesn’t start with a politician in the white man’s home; rather, it starts with the technician.” The technician builds the platform and gives it to the politician to present to the people. Our country should make sure that what is for scientists is given, and what is for technical people should also be given.

“The technician should hold the technical area,” he noted.The prospective Bomi County district #3 representative also stated that he has too many recommendations for Liberians in the oil and gas sector because we have not touched them.He averred that when Liberia begins its explosion of gasoline and oil, many Liberians will not work because we don’t have the technicians and technical manpower to drive the sector; therefore, 95% of the employees will be foreigners, something he said will not balance the economy.It is possible that we go to the various universities and recruit there, where the LPRC will offer quality analysis and hydrocarbon. Once you know organic chemistry, you can do that.

Liberians are studying organic chemistry at various universities. So they can teach those in the classroom, and when it comes time for the practical, you can bring them to the LPRC lab, where we will train them.Liberians will control the gas sector when it is ready to explode,” he warned.He warned that Liberians should stop politicizing everything and give the space to technicians to do their job, urging that scientists should be respected and that what is not for politics should not be given to politicians.He said the systematic interference with the scientists’ work is killing the country and urged that scientists be given the space to independently do their work.”Liberia has not reached the level of being highly scientific; therefore, the country is struggling with too many lapses in development and many other sectors.

” Without science in Liberia, plenty of things will not happen.I am currently working at the LPRC’s laboratory manager’s desk.In my Terms of Reference (TOR), I am supposed to chemically and physically analyze all hydrocarbon products coming into the country. The flaws, however, are in the quality management system (QMS),” he noted.

“Our Goal Is To Ensure Affordable Healthcare”


– Pres. Weah Dedicates Emirates Hospital

By. Jerromie S. Walters

Bopolu city, Gbarpolu county, Liberia—Thursday, December 29, 2022: Following the dedication of the newly constructed Emirates Hospital in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County, President George Weah has assured his government’s commitment to providing an accessible and affordable healthcare option for all Liberians.

The Liberian Leader, while officially dedicating the modernized and standardized Emirates Hospital, characterized seeking the availability of affordable and accessible healthcare for every Liberian as an intrinsic aspiration and goal of his government.

“Improving healthcare delivery has always been foundational to the pro-poor agenda for prosperity and development.” This is why there have been consistent increases and add-ons to the operational budgets for already-existing hospitals in order to provide the equipment and trained staff required for the delivery of critically needed services. He continues, “As we strive to improve the health sector by training healthcare workers both at home and abroad and by providing free medical education in public health training institutions, such as the Medical School and the School of Pharmacy, my government is committed to creating access to health infrastructure by constructing more new health facilities in underserved communities,” President Weah said.

President George Weah further disclosed that his government is currently finalizing talks with their counterparts in the United Arab Emirates for additional structures and health facilities of the same nature to be built in other parts of the country.

“The goal is to ensure access and affordability as we exert more effort to improve quality healthcare.” This is another demonstration of the commitment we have always voiced to help improve the living conditions of our people, regardless of where they may be in the country.

He believes that the construction and commissioning of the Emirates Hospital will not only help the people of Gbarpolu to have access to quality health care but will also enable the surrounding counties (Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, and Bong), as well as some parts of Lower Lofa, to benefit from better health care.

“It may even encourage some citizens of Sierra Leone, who are close to the Liberian border in Kongba District, to seek medical care here at this hospital.” Additionally, Gbarpolu County hosts other foreign nationals who are involved in the gold and diamond industries located here, and they too will be able to seek world-class medical care at this well-equipped facility.

President Weah expressed his heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  President of the United Arab Emirates, for this profound act of humanitarian generosity to the people of Liberia, and also thanked the management and staff of Intbox Global Building Contracting LLC, Dubai, UAE, the construction company that built the facility in only 14 months from groundbreaking, in spite of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its subcontractor, Horizon Construction Company of Equatorial Guinea.

The inauguration of the Emirates Hospital, according to the Liberian Leader, is a further manifestation of his government’s commitment to improving the quality of health services in Liberia by expanding health coverage to our rural population.

“This now brings a total of three entirely new hospitals that have been built and opened during my administration, namely: Gbandeya Hospital, Rivercess; 14 Military Hospital, Margibi; and now Emirates Hospital, Gbarpolu.”

The Emirates Hospital, which is located in Bopolu Executive Grounds, Gbarpolu County, was officially dedicated on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

The occasion was graced by Members of the 54th Legislature; the Dean and Members of the Cabinet; other officials of government; the Doyen and Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps that included His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, United Arab Emirates; and His Excellency Dr. Aysha Sultan Aldhaheri, Executive Director, Military Health Services, UAE Army, United Arab Emirates.

Among others were the general manager and staff of The Emirates Hospital, the chief medical officer, doctors, and nurses of The United Emirates Hospital, traditional leaders, chiefs, and elders; members of the clergy; as well as political and business leaders.

The modern, state-of-the-art medical facility covers more than 52,000 (fifty-two thousand) square feet and is almost entirely powered by solar energy. It contains a 100-bed capacity for inpatients, several operating rooms, a modern laboratory, an intensive care unit (ICU), various specialized departments, and many more facilities that set it apart from other hospitals in the country.

GoL Signs New Bilateral Agreement with UAE


Following the inauguration of the contemporary Emirates Hospital in Gbarpolu County, the Government of the Republic of Liberia and the United Arab Emirates signed a bilateral cooperation agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to foster economic and technical cooperation between the two nations on the basis of equality, reciprocity, and mutual benefits. The agreement was signed in Bopolu, which is located in the county of Gbarpolu.

On Wednesday, December 28, 2022, the agreement was signed in the city of Bopolu, which is located in the county of Gbarpolu.

In addition, the agreement stated that the contracting parties would cooperate in the following areas: trade in goods and services, investment, agriculture (including activities related to agro-processing), livestock, fishing, and the purchase or lease of agricultural lands; energy and renewable energy; mining and industry; infrastructure, construction, and real estate; tourism; telecommunications; and transportation.

“The Contracting Parties may decide to cooperate in other areas that appear to be more advantageous” “Considering the priorities of the economic policies of the states that are Parties, the Contracting Parties may decide to cooperate in other areas that appear to be more advantageous.”

“To implement the economic and technical cooperation outlined in this agreement, the contracting parties shall encourage relevant specialized entities and business communities to explore the possibilities of executing projects in various areas of economic and technical cooperation,” the agreement stated. “The contracting parties shall encourage relevant specialized entities and business communities to explore the possibilities of executing projects in various areas of economic and technical cooperation.”

In addition, the agreement stated that the parties to the contract are obligated to provide special facilities and incentives to investors in both countries if doing so is consistent with the domestic legislation that is currently in effect in each of those countries as well as their international obligations and commitments.

“Support and encourage the exchange of visits by business delegations,” the agreement intoned. “The Contracting Parties shall encourage the participation of their business communities in international fairs and exhibitions held in both countries.” “The Contracting Parties shall encourage the participation of their business communities in international fairs and exhibitions held in both countries.”

H.E. Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, Member of the Royal Family and Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates, and H.E. Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dean of the Cabinet of the Republic of Liberia, respectively, signed on behalf of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Liberia.

The agreement is a component of the one-of-a-kind relationship that currently exists between the two nations. This relationship can be plainly observed in the numerous ways in which the UAE has assisted Liberia, the most notable of which was the building of the Emirates Hospital in Gbarpolu County.

Koijee wants to Recruit ANC to CDC


By Jerromie S. Walters

Monrovia, Liberia, on the 30th of December, 2022: Jefferson T. Koijee, the recently elected Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has revealed that he is considering recruiting the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) to the Coalition.

He disclosed the information on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at his office at Monrovia City Hall while addressing the media on a variety of issues.

The Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) stated that his leadership is focused on forming a grand coalition, and as a result, they are collaborating with a number of other political parties, including the Alternative National Congress (ANC), to ensure that they are superior to what we currently have.

“We believe that the only way to change this country is to join forces with those who have what it takes to transform the country,” he stated.

He feels that collaborating with the Coalition for Democratic Change is the most effective method to improve Liberians’ lives (CDC).

Mayor Jefferson Koijee elaborated on the gains and challenges facing the Monrovia City Corporation in 2022, stating that the greatest accomplishment of his administration was convincing the world community to host the summit of global city mayors in 2023.

With the involvement of mayors from around the world, he believes the conference would expose the country to international giants, thereby making it more attractive for business.

He cited his worldwide lobbying efforts that secured the safety of a Monrovia climate change project.

The mayor highlighted to the fact that the municipal administration is now producing more revenue than it did in the past, notably as a result of the implementation of technology means to collect mandatory fees from its partners and businesses in the city.

He indicated that in 2022, the MCC will adopt a sustainable inclusion that would allow young people to enhance their capacities as well as the municipal government’s national potential.

However, he stated that the city faces numerous difficulties, particularly when it comes to giving proper budgetary allocations, but they are doing their best to maintain civic order.

He implied that inhabitants of Monrovia exploit poor kids to dispose of their garbage for little or nothing, which he believes has contributed to the filthiness of the city.

In addition, he cited landfills as one of the numerous causes of the city’s disorderliness and a serious burden for the local government.

However, he stated that the city administration is presently arranging for further support to ensure that additional resources are provided to alleviate the stress of the government.

The next year, according to Koijee, the municipal council will offer a plastic that the public can use to collect trash that will then be collected by MCC employees.

He believes that the issue of garbage in Liberia is misunderstood, and people must realize that they must pay for their waste. As a result, they are collaborating with partners to promote trash management awareness.

The Mayor of Monrovia encouraged the media to propagate and disseminate both negative and positive information, citing the coverage of garbage on the streets of Monrovia that is no longer visible after being collected by the city’s sanitation service.

In addition, the mayor announced that the city will impose a regulation in the Waterside Market in January, and that containers arriving via the Waterside Route will be restricted to 8:00 p.m. to prevent their destruction.

He described how the city administration, through one of its projects, intervened in the lives of around 28 disadvantaged adolescents, who are now fully engaged as City Police officials at the Monrovia City Cooperation. He feels the government should concentrate on distributors rather than end customers.

“Dr. Cassell’s Memory Lives On”


– MOVEE sympathizes with PLP

The Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has sympathized and requested the chairman and members of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) of the late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, that they continue to work toward the vision and objectives that the party’s founder had for the Country.

On behalf of His Excellency Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr., who is the leader of MOVEE, the Chairman of MOVEE, Robert M. Sammie, extended condolences to the family of the late Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the leader of the PLP.

MOVEE stated that Dr. Cassell had a vision for Liberia and its people, which he expressed through the People’s Liberation Party, and that Dr. Cassell is not dead as long as his legacy and vision live on in the party. MOVEE also stated that Dr. Cassell’s vision for Liberia and its people was expressed through the People’s Liberation Party. According to the chairman of MOVEE, the “father of a revolution” cannot pass away as long as his vision is carried on by others who believe in him and what he stood for.

We are writing to inform you that Dr. Cassell is very much alive and well. He will continue to live as long as the revolution that he started for the liberation of Liberians from benightedness in all of its forms through the People’s Liberation Party continues to exist (PLP). “As a believer in revolution, a father of a revolution does not die as long as the revolution lives after they are passed,” Mr. Sammie continues, “and Dr. Cassell will not regret when he looks back except that you failed to uphold the vision of the revolution of the People Liberation Party, but from the setup and the caliber of people we see in the room, we are assured and we pray that his dream continues to live on.” “As a believer in revolution, as long

The Chairman of MOVEE stated that his party and the PLP have many things in common, which was demonstrated by the presence of two of the MOVEE’s former officials, whom he jokingly claimed are still members of his party. He stated that “once a mover, always a mover,” which means that “once a mover, always a mover.”

On December 27, 2022, the People’s Liberation Party issued a statement in Monrovia confirming that its political leader, Dr. Daniel Cassell, had passed away. T According to the report, the company’s visionary passed away from a heart attack at his residence in the United States.

According to Kalifala Kromah, the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the party, Dr. Cassell suffered a fatal heart attack as he was climbing the stairs of his home after an early morning workout.

According to him, medical professionals at a hospital pronounced Dr. Cassell dead after they attempted to resuscitate him but were unable to do so successfully.

The passing of the party’s visionary has left the PLP with a sense of loss, according to the National Vice Chairman for Public Affairs of the PLP.

‘This Year Was Difficulty’


– Market Women Describe 2022

By. Jerromie S. Walters

Monrovia, Liberia—Friday, December 30, 2022: The year is coming to an end in the next 48 hours, and Liberians are gearing up for the new year while reflecting on a year filled with blessings, grace, and, of course, challenges.

Grace couldn’t be excluded as there still exists the gift of life, but despite the breath that’s still being inhaled and exhaled, there’s even more aggression shown in the lives of some Liberians, especially market women.

The Womenvoices Newspaper took a microphone out into the streets to hear what Liberians (especially female marketers) thought about 2022. The microphone caught the waves of what many of them said was a tough year for their businesses, with lots of problems and setbacks.

Kumba Tamba, a marketer in Rally Town who’s involved in the sale of dry goods (different kinds of smaller markets), said the business in 2022 was not good as much as in other years.

“When we put the market down, for people to buy it can’t be easy; we will sleep, sleep, and sleep before someone will come buy a single thing,”  she said.

She thinks the slow pace of business  is a result of the low purchasing people of people or not being paid, and as such, she wants the government to increase the pay of its employees and invest more money in the economy in order for their businesses to grow in 2023.

Unusually, Mamie Kanneh, a 65-year-old businesswoman at Rally Town Market, is among scores of other market women who described 2022 as a difficult year for them.

Though there were encouraging purchases made on a few occasions, the elderly business woman who sells dry goods said the business was indeed slow in 2022.

“People are not buying as we experienced before; in 2022, they can buy at times, but the business is very slow, and I think it’s because there’s no money, so I’m asking the government to invest in the economy and be paying their workers regularly, so when they get money, they will buy from us,”  she said.

Rebecca Nyumah is another local business woman in central Monrovia; she sells palm nuts and often transports herself from Gardnersville to central town daily to do her business.

Referencing the numerous challenges she confronted along the way, she termed her involvement in the business in 2022 as one that was guarded by God’s grace.

“No buying; sometimes the business can be tough; most often, it can spoil in our hands, and it can become a problem for us to pay for the people market because we can credit it at times.”

As many other women insinuated, Rebecca said the economy is weak and civil servants are not being paid.

Like Mamie Kanneh, Helena Gbaryu, an elderly woman who’s involved in the sale of fufu, said business dropped in 2022, pointing out that the usual quantity of fufu she often purchases was previously sold for 1.000 Liberian dollars, but it increased in 2022 to 4.000 Liberian dollars.

She said at the current price the goods are sold for, she doesn’t expect to make a profit often because, at times, she either gets the actual money she invested in it or experiences a loss.

Ma Helena Gbaryu called on the government to invest more in its people, as she believes it’s challenging to earn money in Liberia, which is why a lot of Liberians are not consuming like before.

Similar to Helena’s experience, Musa Fahnma, a businesswoman and resident of Sinkor, said the year 2022 was difficult for her business.

According to her, her highest daily sale in 2022 was often around 500 Liberian dollars.

However, based on the women’s testimonies, it’s safe to say that the year 2022 was filled with a lot of difficulties that market women will not want to experience in the coming years.

“It has to start with us”


UN Women, Madam Marie-Goreth Nizigma on 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

By: Leila B. Gbati

Workers of the United Nations have been called upon to prevent all forms of violence against women, girls and boys in Liberia.

The Country Representative of UN Women, Madam Marie-Goreth Nizigma, made the call on Friday, November 26, 2021 at the Launch and Celebration of the 16 Days of Activism for UN Staff held at Pan African Plaza, UN Headquarters on 1st Street Sinkor.

The UN in Liberia along with the GOL and other partners is celebrating the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence from 25 November to 10 December 2021 under the global theme “Orange the World: End violence against women now!” and the national theme, “Enough is enough! Let’s act now to end violence against women, girls, children and other marginalized groups.”

In a special message at the occasion, Madam Nizigama told the UN Staffers that as they celebrate the 16 Days to say ‘enough is enough’, has to start with them and they must carry the torch and making the world free from violence against women, girls and boys.

She indicated that as UN Staff they have the responsibility to continue to raise awareness on ending all forms of violence against women and girls.

“It has to start with us, we have to be the agent of change and the voice that speaks and people listen,” she said.

Madam Nizigama also encouraged her fellow colleagues to ensure that their homes, streets, mothers, children and all women, girls and boys are protected from all forms of violence.

She further urges them to redouble their efforts to end violence against women and girls now and not any other day.

According to her a UN Staff has responsibility to promote human rights everywhere and also be an example to fight violence perpetrated against women and girls.

Speaking further the UN Women Country Representative said that there are various forms of violence being perpetrated against women and girls in communities, neighborhoods, work places and the world at large.

She disclosed that their partner, non-partners or a boy subjects one in every three women before the age of 50 years around the world to physical or sexual violence once in a lifetime.

She maintained that violence against women remains unchanged over the last decade and gender stereotypes in harmful social norms including the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and child marriage, stressing that in Liberia there is an increase in rape, domestic violence and FGM.

“Violence against the rights of women really need to stop, enough is enough. We cannot continue to live in a society where our lives as women and girls continue to remain endangered,” she said.

She however recognized that significant progress has been made through the Spotlight Initiative to prevent and eliminate violence against women, noting the gender equality forum and Government of Liberia and partners’ actions to build a global movement base on mobilizing GOL, CSOs and the national community on ending violence against women and girls.

Also speaking, the President of the Federation of the United Nations Staff Association in Liberia (FUNSAL), Kaman Weah condemn all forms of violence against women and girls at work places especially, amongst UN Staffers.

Mr. Weah said that UN Offices must be a safe place for both men and women to work.

He used the occasion to call on all UN staff to speak out if they experience any form of violence in their offices.

“If you think that you have no one to talk to, I am encouraging you to come to the leadership of the UN Staff Association and speak out and we will address the matter. Colleagues, we must use these mediums available and our leadership is ready to listen to staffs and act because there is no room for this in this leadership,” he said.

He told his fellow workers that gender equality should be obtain therefore every woman and girl should enjoy the same rights and opportunity equally as their male counterpart.

He also pledged his commitment in doing his part to end violence against women, girls and other marginalized groups and at the same time calling on his fellow workers to join him publicly to pledge their support to his commitment to end violence against women and girls in Liberia.

“You can lift your voice by advocating for gender equality in this country. Today is the day to say enough is enough let us act now and end all forms of violence against women and girls in Liberia and the world,” he said.

For his part, the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations Liberia, Niels Scott pointed that there cannot be sustainable development without basic human rights without eliminating violence against women in the homes, community and workplace.

According to the UN Liberia Resident Coordinator, Liberia cannot move ahead without eliminating all forms of violence against women, girls and marginalized group in schools, institutions and every aspect of work places.

He stressed that the Launch of the 16 Days of Activism is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to reenergize himself or herself to end violence against women.

Meanwhile, he encouraged everyone to get engage and contribute toward eliminating violence against women.

He vowed that they will continue to speak and if all of the messages and voices of violence against women and girls can come together than they can amplify the message against Sexual Gender Base Violence (SGBV).

“We are all responsible, ask yourself what have I done to help achieve gender equality or women empowerment, everyone needs to contribute and show concern to this fight of violence against women,” he said.

He recommited the UN effort to support the GOL and people of Liberia to end SGBV, FGM and other forms of violence against women, girls and marginalized groups.

At the same time he emphasized that lot more needs to be done and there should be a collective effort to bring violence against women down.

Mr. Scott noted that violence against women and girls hinders progress towards the attainment of sustainable development emphasizing that it is time for all of us to come together and fight gender-based violence against women and girls in Liberia.

“It is time to double efforts to implement the laws that have been passed, such as the Domestic Violence Act and enact outstanding bills designed to address the high incidence of gender-based violence,” Mr. Scott said.

However, the occasion ended with a penal discussion on the topics: Addressing Negative Practices Affecting Women and Girls in the Traditional Setting and Violence Against Women in Elections in Liberia.

Panelists and facilitators at the event were, Tamba Johnson, Chairperson of the National female genital mutilation working group; Setta Fofana Saah, Coordinator of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia (NACCEL) ; Counsellor Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice and Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee; Mmonbeydo Nadine Joah, President of the Network on Peace and Security for Women in the ECOWAS Region (NOPSWECO) and Executive Director of the Organization for Women and Children (ORWOCH) and Senator Botoe Kanneh.

“There is a lot more that needs to be done”


Niels Scott, UN Liberia Resident Coordinator

UN Resident Coordinator to Liberia

United Nations’ Resident Coordinator for Liberia, Mr. Niels Scott, has noted the need for more work to be done in eliminating all forms of violence and harmful practices against women in Liberia. The UN Envoy noted that in spite of effort made through programmes such as the European Union, United Nations and Government of Liberia Spotlight Initiative, and the sexual and gender based violence program previously funded by the Embassy of Sweden, more effort is still needed in ending gender based violence in Liberia. Mr. Scott spoke recently at the official launch ceremony for the 16 days campaign held in Margibi County, Liberia.

Mr. Scott cited statistics from the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, which show that cases of gender-based violence increased alarmingly in 2020 with more than 2240 cases being reported.

“There is need for us to collectively and individually contribute to ending gender-based violence and bring the number of cases down,” says Mr. Scott. “There is need to strengthen primary prevention efforts and redefine power relations that have often put women and girls in a vulnerable situation at family, community, and institutional levels,” he says.

Mr. Niels recommitted the United Nations’ efforts to support the Government of Liberia in the fight against gender-based violence. He emphasized that the United Nations would continue to provide support and work with partners to end all forms of violence in Liberia.

The keynote speaker, Honourable, Mawine Diggs, Minister of Commerce and Industry delivered a powerful speech and challenged everyone to question themselves what they have done to fight this societal plague at the individual level.

 “I call upon all Liberians and foreigners in Liberia to end violence now. “We must work together and end gender-based violence now. Issues of violence can no longer be handled the family way…Victims must be heard, and perpetrators must be held accountable, she said.

The Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, Urban Sjöström who spoke on behalf of the embassies of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden and the European Union; urged the government to fulfill all commitments made including scaling up survivor center, comprehensive response to gender-based violence that includes prevention, psychosocial support for survivors, medical assistance, access to justice and rehabilitation programs for survivors, among other things.

Other speakers included Honourable Hassan Karney the Acting Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection who highlighted that stopping violence starts with believing survivors. He emphasized the need to end all forms violence against women and girls now.

Marie Goreth Nizigama, UN Women Country Representative for Liberia also attended the official launch ceremony.

The United Nations joined the Government and people of Liberia to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence which kicked off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and will run until 10 December, Human Rights Day.

The United Nations in Liberia is supporting the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to host a series of events that have been lined up to commemorate the 16 days of Activism campaign

The global theme for this year’s campaign is “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!” The national theme is, “Enough is enough; Let’s act now to end violence against women, girls, children and other marginalized groups.”

“We are in the stage of opportunity”    


 Amb. Endee, others showcase Liberia’s potentials in Dubai

Ambassador Juli Endee and team have been showcasing Liberia’s tourism investment opportunities to investors by splendid display of cultural performance in Dubai. Liberia’s Culture Ambassador said of the many places she has traveled to perform; Dubai was the biggest of all. She said showcasing Liberia’s culture in the UAE was a stage of opportunity for young artists in Liberia.

Ambassador Julie Endee, who heads the country’s team of cultural and musical artists attending the world event, Expo-2020, says Liberia’s participation is “not about dancing and music” alone. Instead, it  is alsot “making statements about who we are as a people and what we bring to the table”.

Ambassador Endee said her team of 60 members comprising of cultural dancers, artists and traditional people got five performances ready approved.

 The Culture Ambassador, in a very excited mood, thanked President Weah who she said did not travel to Dubai in person, but has nonetheless provided enormous support to ensure Liberia’s participation is a resounding success. “Before traveling here in Dubai, we went to President Weah for blessing and because of his blessing, we were able to perform excellently”, Ambassador Endee said.          

The periodic world fair, taking place this year in Dubai, the UAE, runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. It provides an opportunity for countries to showcase their unique potential through displays of their cultural heritage, innovation, business opportunities and general way of life. It’s being held under the theme, “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Organizers say bringing the world together can serve as a catalyst for the “exchange of new perspectives and inspire action to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges”.

This year, 192 “pavilions” representing the total number of countries have been set up to feature each country’s story. In addition to featuring Liberia’s arts and craft, the country will also be exhibiting its potential in ecotourism, infrastructure, mining, Agriculture, etc.

Artifacts of more than a hundred years, which convey the story of the Liberia’s forefathers, will be on display, as will the account of President George M. Weah’s humble beginning.

The official Liberian delegation, headed by the Minister of State Without Portfolio, Trokon Kpui, held a major investment forum on the sidelines of the event with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. About 60 investors from the UAE met with officials of the Liberian government and private business people from various sectors.

Both partners explored opportunities in Agriculture, Tourism, commerce and industries, waste management, maritime, etc. 

Tuesday, November 30, was set aside as “Liberia Day” at the Expo.

 “We showcased Freedom, and our Cultural Heritage’, Ambassador Endee said.

The Liberian government delegation,according to information Ministry release, included Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie, Acting Public Works Minister, Ruth C. Collins and Gender Minister Williametta Saydee Tarr.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr will today on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 address cross section of participants at the Women’s Pavilion Programme Visions and Journeys Event of the 2020 Dubai Expo. 

The Gender Boss is expected to roll out Liberia’s transformative approach in uplifting women as well as outlining insidious challenges most Liberian women go through daily.

“Minister Tarr will highlight amongst others the significance of Liberia passing into law of the Domestic Violence Act of 2019; the surge in appointment of women into key Cabinet positions; the declaration of free Education in all public schools that has seen the rise in enrollment and retention of girls; the creation of Gender and Social Inclusion Units in various Ministries and Agencies that is currently blustering gender mainstreaming in the formulation and implementation of government policies and programs; the decline in the number of reported sexual and gender-based violence cases which can be attributed to the launch of the Anti Sexual and Gender Based Violence Roadmap 2020-2022 and Rural Social Cash Program which is reducing poverty by directly giving cash to households that are mainly headed by women”, Gender Ministry release said.

The release said, the Gender Minister would also touch on the firmed commitment and unflinching support from the Feminist-In-Chief H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah in achieving Gender Equality, which is the fulcrum of the Sustainable Development Goal #5. 

Additionally, she will share the Liberian Leader’s insistence that Gender Equality, which is a subset of the Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), Pillar One, should be mainstreamed and prioritized by all government Institutions.

The organizers assert that the Expo principles are aligned perfectly with the values of the UAE, and with millions of visitors expected both on-site and online, the event will provide a unique opportunity to design and deliver a meaningful programme that accelerates the UAE’s collective progress.

Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr is being accompanied by her Deputy Minister for Research, Planning and Policy – Hassan Karneh and Assistant Minister for Administration, Mamensie Kabba.

Flashy Deal

  • House Passes Bao Chico Mineral Development Agreement

Monrovia, Liberia November 30, 2021: The plenary of the House of Representatives has unanimously voted to ratify the Mineral Development Agreement between the Government of Liberia and the Bao Chico Resources of Liberia Ltd.

Plenary took the decision Tuesday November 30, 2021 following a report from a joint Committee on Concession & Investment, Mines & Energy, Ways, Means Finance Development Planning and Judiciary.

Accordingly, the Mineral Development Agreement between the Government of Liberia and BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd is for the extraction of iron ore, to be operated under a Class ‘A’ Mining License for an initial term of 25 years from the effective date.

BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd. is a corporation duly registered under the laws of Liberia, TIN Number 500118730 for mineral exploration and mining in Liberia and on the 12th of August 2008, the company was granted an Exploration License MEL 12005 in accordance with Section 1.2 of the Exploration Regulations for the exploration of Mineral Products within the area specified on the license which covered a total area of 87.4km2 within Gbarpolu County.

The company’s license, which was renewed on the 15th of August 2013, is expected to provide direct benefits in the form of employments and revenue generation.

In terms of financial benefits, According to the report the company shall pay all taxes and duties and conform to all procedures pursuant to applicable law; the company shall be taxed on its net taxable income at a rate not to exceed 25 percent; pay the Government’s royalties on all its mineral product sales and transfers for iron ore, a royalty of 4.5 percent determined in accordance with Section 703 of the Revenue Code and for other minerals, as provided for in the Revenue Code and pay into the Government’s general revenue account a signature fee of US$3 million, payable according to the following schedule: that US$1.5 million within 30 business days of the effective date; (ii) US$1 million on the first anniversary of the effective date; and (iii) US$0.5 million on second anniversary of the effective date.

The report further stated that in the space of 10 years following the effective date, the company shall pay an annual lump sum amount of US$60,000 to be paid in two installments of US$30,000 each on January 15 and July 15 of each calendar year.

Pursuant to Section 18.4 of the Mining Law, the company shall make one-time contribution of US$10,000 to the Mineral Development Fund, payable on the Effective Date. Pay an annual surface rental fee for all land within the production area of US$50,000 from the effective date up to the fifth anniversary of the effective date; from the sixth anniversary through the term, the company shall pay an annual surface rental fee for all land within the production area of US$30,000.

In terms of social/economic benefits, as part of its social contribution, BAO CHICO Resources Liberia Ltd. is expected to provide the followings, an annual social contribution of US$300,000 commencing on the effective date until the fifth anniversary of the effective date, and an annual social contribution of US$500,000 from the sixth anniversary of the effective date until the end of the term.

A General Education Funding of US$80,000 to Gbarpolu County, contributed annually through a company administered program.

Pay a Scientific Research Fund of US$50,000 annually, commencing on the start of commercial production and payable thereafter on the anniversary of the effective date through the term.

This amount shall be paid into the general revenue account of the Government for the Scientific Research Fund aimed at generating geo-scientific data and information.

A Call For Moral Discipline At The University Of Liberia


On the other hand, it will be unsafe, unpatriotic, and denigrating to the uniqueness of democracy and freedom of speech, if some Liberians will continuously be hailed and venerated for misusing the actual essence of freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, the unorthodox attitude exhibited on the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia on Wednesday. January 24, 2023, by students of the University of Liberia (UL), was a total disrespect to Madam Taylor as a mother and leader of the state.

Not once, twice, or thrice, the students’ attitude is a classic example and demonstration of what they have done to others.

We believe despite the volume of our disenchantment, and dissatisfaction with the government, the essence of respect for our leaders should at all times be considered in our actions and decisions.

As an institution that seeks to ensure that women’s voices are heard, we are also keen on women’s rights being respected, despite who you are and where you are from.

However, we honestly regard the students’ plight for economic freedom and social justice, but we believe that those concerns should be proffered through the most responsible ways possible.

We see the attitude exhibited by the students, as a pure demonstration of indecency, and lack of respect, which contradicts the role of a student.

We believe that the University of Liberia being the most popular university in the country, with the highest number of students, should at all times be an example of not just academic excellence, but also moral discipline.

We are admonishing the administration of the University of Liberia, to be more proactive in breeding a sense of moral discipline in our young students, who we see as the future of this nation.

A state like ours with a very young population should be very skeptical about how they are being nurtured to lead us in years to come, in order to avoid having a state full of aggressive individuals.

“I Wanted To Sell Him Because Of His Father”


Kakata, Margibi County, Liberia: Patience Paye, a resident of Johnsonville, Montserrado County, who attempted to sell her boyfriend’s 7-year-old  son Jacob Kamara, has justified her action, noting that her decision was prompted by how the child’s father treated her in their relationship she hugely invested in.

In an interview with a local radio station (Classic FM) in Kakata, Margibi County, Patience Paye told journalists that Jacob’s father reportedly lavished over US 10 thousand dollars she gave him to do business, while they were in a very serious relationship that went for about two years.

According to her, Jacob’s father Morris Kamara, who is a power saw operator, promised to marry her after she fell deeply in love with him, something that gave her reasons to invest over $USD10,000 (Ten-thousand United States dollars ) in a joint plank business with him in Grand Cape Mount County.

Unfortunately, she said the business broke down to zero, as they couldn’t even generate the amount they invested in it.

She further noted that after the business collapsed, she was informed by Morris (the child’s father), that he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore.

Upon being informed about his lack of interest in the relationship, Patience said she was left with no other option but to sell his son, in order to ease her heartbreak and replace the money she lost.

It can be referenced that Police in Kakata, Margibi County, kick-started an investigation in the case of 29-year-old Patience Paye for kidnapping after she attempted to sell her stepson for 15 thousand United States Dollars in Kakata.

As the news broke on the internet, Patience was backlashed and condemned for her actions, as many believe it’s unjustifiable.

Single-Mothers Want Increased Budgetary Allotment For Beaches & Waterways Project


By: Leila B. Gbati

Over 3000 Single-mothers from slum communities across Liberia, are calling on the national Government to increase the budgetary allotment of the project “Reclaiming Liberia’s Beaches and Waterways”.

The women are from New Kru Town, ELWA, West Point, Banjor-Hotel Africa, King Gray, PHP, Sinkor, and Congo Town.

The Reclaiming Liberia Beaches and Waterways Project, which is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) was established in 2011 during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to give a facelift to waterways and beaches in Liberia, and to help provide employment opportunities for scores of slum dwellers.

The Project was pronounced closed on March 1, 2022, by Youth and Sports Minister Zoegar Wilson but recently the Government of Liberia under President Weah taught it wise to allot 1 million in the 2023 budget for the project to resume in February however, those that were benefiting from the project before its closure has reorganized themselves and decided to start volunteering before the resumption of the project.

The volunteers/beneficiaries who are mostly women are complaining that the money is very small to run the project for one year as such they are appealing to the Government of Liberia mainly President Weah and their various lawmakers to increase the 1 million that was allotted to the project to 4 million because according to them the number of people on the project is huge and the money they get at the end of the month is not sufficient.

Speaking in an interview with reporters on Thursday, January 26, 2023, the women from the various communities mentioned that they are happy that the project is about to start because it is through the project they are able to fend for their children so they don’t want for the project to close again but continues.

According to the women, the majority of them didn’t go to school because their parents never had the hand to do so as such it is the work that is helping them if the government does not come to their aid how are they going to live? The women also appealed that they want the project to leave MYS and to go back under Maritime Authority because at the time the project was under Maritime they were getting paid on time but since the MYS took over things are not going fine to the extent they don’t get pay after 5-6 months before it was closed.

Veronica Doe, a single mother of West Point and a beneficiary of the project explaining how the project has impacted her life said that it is a good initiative that has been helping to send her children to school before it was closed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Veronica narrated that she is happy as the project expects to resume in February emphasizing that she has seven children and she lost her husband in 2000 therefore, she is telling the government thanks and at the same time appealing to them for their salary to be increased.

“Let them add our salary up because cleaning feces is not an easy task, this work we are doing is very huge and it is helping us and Malaria is not killing us again. When we were not cleaning this place you and I will not be able to stand her because the dirt mainly feces. We send our children to school and pay rent through this work so we asking the government to help us, especially Representative Dickson Sebo that is talking for us. Let President Weah come to our aid to add our salary up,” she said.

Tete Parleh from West Point also speaking, begged the Government for the project to stay because it is helping to do a lot of things for her.

“We are begging the President and Representatives to help us and talk for us. We are also appealing to residents to please stop toileting on the beach, they should use the public toilet and not the beach again,” Tete said.

32 years old Bethverlyn Koon from the Borough of New Kru Town also speaking said that she started benefiting from the project in 2014 and it has affected her life as a single mother of two children.

Bethverlyn stated that she was able to take care of her children and send them to school but since the project was closed for 2 years her children drop out of school because of no money.

She admitted that since the closure of the project things has not been for her but since the project is about to resume she is happy.

For his part, the Project Supervisor of West Point Beach, Eric Kwahin said the Project Reclaiming Liberia’s beaches and Waterways got initiated in 2011 by former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and since then the project has been rolling on till this current administration under President Weah and a year or two the project was suspended but as community dwellers knowing the level of impacts the project has had on their community despite the suspension of the project they taught it necessary to be able to volunteer in order to reduce the level of health hazard in the community.

Eric added that the people that are working are single parents mostly women who are not financially potent and have been with the project for a very long time and they taught to volunteer since the suspension of the project.

Speaking further, he mentioned that there has been an incremental level of people on the project because they were about 350 when they started but currently they are about 1017 person’s persons on the project only in West Point.

He emphasized that the project has helped to reduce the level of health conditions in the community and has also brought economic benefits to the people.

“When the project started people will work and got 70 USD at the end of the month and so it has been able to fend for families and then pay children’s school fees and take care of our different house rent out of this project but on the overall the level of sanitation it has brought to the community. West point has been one of the places that many people have always complained about being disease-pro but it will interest you that since the origin of this project, the level of sanitary conditions in terms of how we have been able to reduce malaria and diarrhea is uncanny,” he said.

In conclusion, Eric appealed to the government to be able to step the amount up so they can be able to recruit more people for the project.

The Head Monitor of Banjor and Hotel Africa beaches, Sylvester Gelegbel also speaking appealed to the Government to redirect the project under the Maritime Authority instead of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Sylvester mentioned that the MYS activities are mainly youth-oriented and the Liberia Beaches and Waterways Project is focused on older folks who are between the ages of 45-65 years.

Probing The Suspects


… LNP Takes Hold Of Those Linked To The Ritualistic Murder Of 2year old Saah Momo

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia: It has been over four days since the public got alerted of the ritualistic murder of 2year old Saah Momo, and many are hopeful that justice will prevail.

Broken in dismay and agony, a lot of Liberians are still sad about the awful act exhibited by those that should have ensured the 2year old victim’s protection.

What could be seen as the most demeaning part of the horrific murder of the 2year old victim, was the fact that he fell prey to the bloody and ritualistic hands of his closest relatives to include Siafa Gray, his uncle, who’s also considered as the alleged prime suspect, as he is believed to be the one that murdered the victim and extracted the various body parts.

Satta Wander, who’s the victim’s grandmother, is believed to have been the one that carried out the financial transaction of the murder case.

Others to include his grandfather Siaffa Gray, who was found with the parts extracted from the deceased victim.

Among others that have been linked to the case so far are: Massa Dukuly, the mother of the deceased child. Omense Nyen and Cooper Russ who roles are yet to be known.

Concisely, the perpetrator (s) inhumanly extracted the 2year old victim’s right eye, right hand, right leg, private part and all internal organs.

Those body parts were found in the possession of the victim’s grandfather, leading to his arrest and five other persons.

It can be recalled that on Sunday, January 22, 2023, the public was alarmed of the horrible demise of 2year old Saah Momo.

The two years old child was found dead in Suehn Mecca District, Bomi County, with several extractions of his body parts.

Following the suspects arrest, prominent Liberian advocate Ne-Suah Beyan-Livingstone has adequate investigation in the matter, in order to ensure that those found guilty will be persecuted according to the law.

She assured her institution commitment in following the case, until it gets to its logical conclusion.

“We appreciate Mr. Moses Carter for giving us the opportunity to be part of this press conference and REACH will follow up this case until justice is served and those found guilty will face the full weight of the law,” she said in a Facebook post.

Howbeit, the Liberia National Police has guaranteed that the various individuals that were arrested, will be properly probed, charged and forwarded to court for persecution.

The case of Saah Momo is among few of the worst cases intruding from Bomi County of late, as over a week ago, 27year old Saah Borbor, allegedly killing a 70 years old man in New Camp, Mano Plantation in Senjeh District, Bomi County.

According to Police preliminary investigation, the deceased only identified as Kollie who was in his late 70s, was murdered on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Police investigation revealed that the incident happened when the late Kollie gave a contract to the alleged perpetrator to brush his garden for the LD$400.00. Upon the completion of the work, Old man Kollie allegedly paid Borbor LD$ 300.00 and promised to pay his balance the next day which was Sunday.

According to James Carto, the commander for crimes services in the county, the perpetrator on Sunday went to the victim in his garden and asked for his balance payment (LD$100.00), in the process argument broke up and later got intensified leading to Borbor rushing on the deceased Kollie and allegedly killed him in his garden and escaped.

 Judiciary Staff Association (JSA) of Liberia Elects Female President


By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson

The Judicial Staff Association of Liberia on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, elected Cllr. Alice Kenkpeh Sirleaf and others, as the new team of leadership to stair the affairs of workers at the Judiciary branch of government across the country.

Cllr. Sirleaf overwhelmingly won as president of the Judiciary Staff Association, with about 355 votes, ahead of opponent who accumulated about to 148 votes.

Her leadership comes at the time when the Association is gradually regaining it confidence under the leadership of Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyene G Yuoh, as it is expected to assist the Chief Justice with the workings of judiciary through the association.

The Association of Judicial Worker is the conglomeration of personnel working at the various courts across the Liberia judiciary system assisting with the operations of the judiciary branch of government in Liberia.

The workings of the association are cardinal to the vibrancy of the justice system, seeking to withhold the peace of Liberia through the proper discharge of their duties.

Meanwhile, delivering her appreciation message following the elections, Cllr. Alice Konkpah Sirleaf lauded the association for entrusting her with a three years mandate to serve the association as its president.

She lauded the efforts of all her fellow colleagues who contested the association election and called upon them to work with the leadership in making the association a better one for all staffers of the judiciary branch across Liberia, adding to is great day for all of us.

Cllr. Sirleaf vowed that her leadership will live up to the expectations of the association, a reason for which she was elected.

She called upon the entire association to work with the leadership in ensuring that the leadership of association achieved the association agenda as they are key to building a resilient justice system across the country.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Alice Kenkpaeh Sirleaf is the current National Jury Manager of the judiciary branch of government and has served the judiciary over approximately eight years, contributing to the sustainability of justice in Liberia through the workings of the judiciary branch of government.

It is expected that her leadership at the association will continue to promote peace and stability as the judiciary remains the hope for sustainable peace, by rendering assistance to the judges and justices of the Liberian judiciary as the 2023 elections approach. 

Fuller’s Killer Finally Lands In Court


By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson

Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia: For allegedly killing his girlfriend Samelia Darlene Fuller at the Soul Clinic Community, defendant Liston B. Yekeh has been brought before the Minrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

On January 24, 2023, the defendant Yekeh was sent to court in anticipation of a court trial for a number of crimes, including Manslaughter and Possession and Sale of Physical Objects for Lethal Use (Possession of Firearm) in violation of Chapters 14 and 17 of the new Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia.

The victim Fuller, her boyfriend, defendant Yekeh (accused), and others from the Soul Clinic Community, including Joyce Dariue, Antoinette Yarpah, Lydia Sekpor, and Oliver Daniels, left their Soul Clinic Community on Monday, January 2, 2023 at approximately 8:30 PM to celebrate the New Year Holiday (Monday). They then traveled to Zazay Community and Duport Road.

The defendant Yekeh asked for his belongings (his waist bag and jacket), which were given to him by Joyce Darjue, the deceased Samella D. Fuller’s older sister, to be sent home after they arrived at the victim Fuller’s (the deceased’s) parents’ house and had been there for about 30 minutes, according to the police charge sheet.

According to the police charge sheet, after receiving his items in the middle of everyone, defendant Yekeh took a single barrel shotgun (pistol) that he held in his hand, frightening his friends. However, he then decided to open the gun to prove to his friends that it was empty of ammunition; he claimed that during this process, the gun fired and struck the deceased, who was standing directly across from him. The deceased then fell to the ground and began bleeding from her neck.

In addition, it says that right after the occurrence, the deceased was put on a motorbike and raced to a neighboring hospital (Benson Hospital), but was diverted and sent to the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital, where she was discovered to be dead by medical staff.

According to police investigations, “the body was afterwards preserved at the J.F.K. Morgue, where external exams were carried out by homicide detectives and their forensic colleagues, as well as the head of Montserrado County’s coroner.”

According to the police charge sheet, single-barreled gun entry and gunpowder residue were found on the victim’s neck precisely under the chain during the external inspections, and no exit wound(s) were found.

In the absence of a counsel, defendant Yekeh made the decision to keep quiet throughout the police inquiry into his role in the death of victim Fuller.

According to investigators, those who were there at the time testified that the occurrence occurred as a result of a mistake.

Eyewitnesses testified that they were all enjoying themselves while spending the New Year’s holiday with the late Fuller and her boyfriend (defendant Yekeh), doing everything together. Until everyone had returned home, they had not noticed any confusion or misunderstanding between the deceased and the victim.

the defendant Yekeh asked for his bag to be taken home and pulled out the gun to show them that he has the firearm to fight any would-be criminals who might come his way while going home, but while he defendant Yekeh was holding the gun and trying to open it, the gun immediately flinched. the witnesses further in their testimonies that when they were at the late Samelia’s parent house and it was late, everyone was thinking about going home at their separate locations.

In response to a request for funeral preparations, the head of the Montserrado County Coroner has since delivered the departed body to her grieving family.

NEC Debunks Report Of Denying Voters’ Rights


MONROVIA, 24 January 2023, Tuesday, The National Elections Commission (NEC) says the 24th January 2023 Front Page Africa article Captioned, “Millions may not vote in October Elections” is false and misleading, and has the potential to prevent millions of Liberians from registering in the 20 March to 11 May 2023 Voter registration in Liberia.

The NEC categorically dismisses the claims by the Front Page Africa newspaper, that voters are required to use National Identification Cards to obtain Biometric Voter Registration ID Cards for this year’s General and Presidential Elections.

The NEC says Liberians 18 years and above are to only physically appear at the registration centers and register.

The NEC states that it has no plan to subject eligible Liberians to verification except when doubt arises as to a person posing to be a Liberian.

The Commission notes that Section 3.1 ((a) thru (e)) of the New Elections Law (as amended on 15 December 2014), says, the Principal means of verifying whether a person is a citizens of Liberia, a valid Liberian Passport, a birth certificate, a certificate of neutralization, a sworn statement by two registered voters or confirmation by a Liberian Traditional leader, may be requested as prove of Liberian citizenship.

The New Elections Law further empowers the National Elections Commission to issue regulations to establish the procedures in which these means and any other means the NEC deems necessary and appropriate, will be approved.

It is against this backdrop that the Commission now includes the National Identification Registry (NIR) Card as one of the several means of verification if and only where a nationality or age is in question. This is far from being a pre-requisite for voter registration.

The NEC, while reassuring that all Liberians 18 years old and above will be allowed to register, the NEC calls on Liberians to look to the Commission for information regarding the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) exercise.

Big Money Debate for Women’s Empowerment enters Plenary


By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia: The House of Representatives has mandated its committee on Gender, Judiciary, and Ways, Means, and Finance to look into the financing agreement of the Liberia Women Empowerment Project between the Republic of Liberia and the International Development Association.

At the 3rd day sitting of the first quarter of the 6th session of the 54th National Legislature of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted for the various committees of the lower house to critically critique the agreement and report to plenary in a period of two weeks.

The House’s mandate comes, following a communication from the Office of the President, submitting for the ratification by the Legislature of the financing agreement of the Liberia Women Empowerment Project.

According to the communication read during plenary, the president alluded to the fact that under the agreement, the association agrees to extend a grant and credit to Liberia.

He further noted that the agreement is deemed to be concessional financing in the following amounts: (a) an amount equivalent to Thirteen Million Three Hundred Thousand Special Drawing Rights (SDR 13,300,000 as Grant); and (b) an amount equivalent to Twenty Million Special Drawing Rights (SDR 20,000,000 as Credit).

Furthermore, the President’s communication disclosed that the objectives of the project are to improve social and livelihood services for women and girls in targeted communities, foster positive social norms, and strengthen the government’s capacity to advance women’s and girls’ empowerment.

The agreement was signed on July 4, 2022, between the International Development Association and the Republic of Liberia.

Howbeit, the president is anticipating that the legislature will ratify the agreement to help strengthen Liberia’s capacity to advance women’s and girls’ empowerment.

At the same time, the House has mandated its committee on the judiciary to look into the status of the 2022 Elections Reform Law that was passed by the Lower House, concurred by the Honorable Liberian Senate, and forwarded to the President of the Republic of Liberia for approval and advice plenary in a period of one week.

The House mandate comes following a communication from Montserrado County District #11 Representative Richard Nagbe Koon, seeking clarity from the leadership of the august body on the status of the 2022 Elections Reform Law that was passed by the Lower House, affirmed by the Honorable Liberian Senate, and forwarded to the President of the Republic of Liberia for approval.

The District #11 Lawmaker recalled that the Honorable House of Representatives did pass the Election Reform Law on September 13, 2022, at 4:38 PM, and forwarded same to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

“Upon receipt of the bill by the Senate on September 16, 2022, a joint conference committee of both houses was set up to review the amended law, and after several deliberations, the Senate concurred with the House of Representatives and this instrument was forwarded to the President of the Republic of Liberia on October 25, 2022, at about 2:35 p.m. for approval.”

He mentioned that it’s been nearly three months now since this instrument was submitted to the president’s office for approval, and it has not been signed and published as a handbill by the executive.

“Fellow colleagues, Article 35 of the 1986 Constitution states: “Each bill or resolution that shall have passed both houses of the legislature before it becomes law shall be laid before the President for his approval.” If he grants approval, it shall become law. If the President does not approve such a bill or resolution, he shall “return it, with his objections, to the House from which it originated,” he quoted.

“Community For Peaceful Elections in Liberia 2023”


– A Peacebuilding project Launched by Her Voice & Partners

By: Leila B. Gbati

Her Voice Liberia, in collaboration with UNDP and the United Nations for Peace Building, have launched a community-driven project aimed at intensifying the need for a peaceful conduct of the October 2023 general and presidential elections.

The project, tagged “Community Initiative for Peaceful Elections in Liberia 2023,”  was officially launched on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at the Corina Hotel in Sinkor, Liberia.

Giving an overview of the program, the Head of Programs and Project Coordinator of Her Voice Liberia, Rufus Jackson, disclosed that the project will be taking place in River Gee, Sinoe, Grand Kru, and Maryland Counties.

He said the project is intended to support community-based structures, especially where there is a gap, in order to have peaceful elections in October of this year.

According to him, the document was signed on November 17, 2022, and will run through July 31, 2023.

Rufus indicated that the direct beneficiaries for the project are about 225, while the indirect beneficiaries are about 150.

He added that their expectation for the project is to create an environment where youth and women inclusive communities watch team structuring and restructuring security and infrastructure, Community policing, LNP, LIS and other law enforcement agencies are supposed to undertake effective early warning and response on electoral conflicts.

In a special remark, the Chief Technical Advisor of UNDP, Dr. Rowland Cole, said he believes that the project is important for protecting the peace, especially considering how long the electoral periods are.

He explained that elections are participatory and important, which is reflected in one of the committees both globally and in the African region.

“The African Chapter, Article 13, guarantees the rights of every citizen to participate in elections freely.” Elections is a participatory process but it is also about contestation for power and that contest price is very high so it is important that we focus on a peaceful election,” he said.

Dr. Cole also emphasized that the project’s goal is to ensure that communities remain peaceful before, during, and after election processes and that all disputes among Liberians are resolved.

He noted that the project is also meant to ensure that community peace is very critical and that the involvement of law enforcement officers is also of great essence.

“That is why the LNP is involved in this project—to work closely with community dwellers so that they can trust the police to be able to address their issues.” “We hope and trust that this project continues, and we will see coordination between the community and law enforcement officers.”

Dr. Cole used the time to call on communities to feel free to give information to the police and other law enforcement offices in order to prevent issues of misunderstanding and violence in the community.

“This project will be able to strengthen and ensure that the election is peaceful and participatory,” he said.

Also in special remark, representing the National Election Commission (NEC) Boss, Madam Davidetta Browne Lassana, a representative from NEC extended her appreciation to “Her Voice Liberia” for the project.

According to her, NEC is committed to ensuring that elections in Liberia are transparent, credible, and peaceful.

However, she said another way to do that is by working with partners such as Her Voice and other stakeholders in the area of elections.

At the same time, she urged every Liberian to start to partake in the elections process beginning with the voter roll which is scheduled to take place from March 20-May 11, 2023. 

The launch of the project brought together over twenty participants from various security agencies, including the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), as well as national and international stakeholders.

Former Lawmakers Cry for Benefits


– As they Issue writ of Mandamus Against Government

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson

Former representatives of the 53rd legislature have petitioned the honorable supreme court of Liberia for a writ of mandamus against the government of Liberia, through Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and house speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers.

The civil procedure law section 16.21.2 defines mandamus as a special proceeding to obtain a writ requiring a person to perform an official duty.

The lawmakers represented by former representative Worlea –Sawah Dubah and George Mulbah Sr, in their petition said the government of Liberia has allegedly failed to pay them their salary arrears and benefits owed in the tone of Eight Hundred Thirty –Two Thousand United States Dollars [US$832,000,00].

The 73 former and some of whom are still serving the 73 political districts of the republic added that predicated upon theirs services rendered to the government of Liberia they were legally qualified to earn all salaries, benefits, and perquisites associated with the duties and functions of the offices of a representative as provided for by law.

Accordingly, the petitioners continue in their petitions for a writ of mandamus that they have passed a resolution authorizing honorable Worlea-Saywah Dunah and honorable George Mulbah to lead and direct the process to ensure that all arrears are paid by the respondents.

Meanwhile, the former representative of the 53rd legislature wants the honorable Supreme Court grant unto them and order the leadership to pay or cause to be paid the petitioners arrears as prayed for and grant unto petitioners any and all further relief that will be deem necessary. 

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