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… Says In Sympathy With Former chief Justice Scott

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

The National Chair of the Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu, has declared a full week of mourning in solidarity with the late Charloe Musu.

It was reported that Musu was stabbed to death during the armed robbery attack on the home of former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, recently in the City of Brewerville.

Addressing a news conference Thursday at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town, Mr. Morlu also mandated all members of the party to observe the moment throughout the country.

He averred that during the mourning period, there would be consistent advocacy for justice for the victim by members of the CDC, especially women’s groups.

Morlu also called on the religious leaders of the party to initiate a prayer meant for the recovery of the bereaved family, especially Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott.

He added that on the last Saturday night of the mourning, there will be a candlelight vigil in solidarity with the deceased and their families by members and executives of the Coalition for Democratic Change.

At the same time, the CDC National Chair has encouraged all members of the party found on all social media platforms to change their profile pictures to the image of the late Charloe Musu as a symbol of solidarity.

Meanwhile, the CDC Chair stressed that the party will not sit supinely and allow murderers to walk away with impunity.

Mulbah Morlu disclosed that in the coming days, the Coalition for Democratic Change will remain constitutionally engaged with the national government until justice is served.

He stressed that the party will not sit idly by and allow murderers to walk away with impunity, adding that the CDC will champion this cause.

The Coalition for Democratic Change is further calling on the national government, through the Ministry of Justice, to conduct an independent autopsy on the gruesomely murdered body of Miss Charloe Scott.

He said the CDC will not allow the death of the girl to be used by opposition politicians to score political goals and gain political relevance.

Morlu indicated that beginning Monday of next week, the Coalition for Democratic Change through the Women’s League will petition the national government through the Justice Ministry to demand justice for the family of the late Miss Musu.

He said the party is concerned about the death of Miss Charloe Musu, stressing that the party of the common people in the majority and the masses have chosen to lead the charge for justice for the tragic incident.

The political guru noted that the party believes that every life should be and is important across the country, regardless of the social, political, or ethnic background of the individual involved.

He averred that the lady whose life was taken is no exception to anyone and there should be no reason for such an action to result in the taking away of another’s life, adding that the CDC stands for justice in this matter.