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Free Liberia, a non-governmental organization operating in Liberia, has announced the commencement of registration for its training program in strategic planning and management, academic writing and presentation, and school counseling and mentoring.

“In response to those requests, we are establishing, as part of the innovative activities of FREE Liberia (Foundation for Research, Education, and Empowerment), the “School of Value and Success.” Our primary goal for this school is to “make all learners, irrespective of backgrounds, valuable and successful in life.”

For this first circle, the institution is offering three essential programmes: 1) strategic planning and management; 2) academic writing and presentation; and 3) school counseling and mentoring.

Benefits include rich practical knowledge and innovative materials; a professional certificate; a special motivational package; alumni mentorship and connection; etc.

Registration for these life-changing programmes is now in progress. We are giving special discounts to early birds (the first people to register).

According to the institution, throughout its transformative encounters and training, one of the many requests they received was to “start short-term training programs” to create mastery and open more avenues for value addition and success for all.

“For several years now, we have offered impactful and life-changing, mostly on-the-spot motivational training, seminars, and talks. Many of those who crossed our paths, followed, and utilized our practically proven ideas have inspiring and life-transforming stories to tell, as some have turned their lives around from a place of perceived “nobody to a respected #somebody.

FREE Liberia believes no one deserves a mediocre, poor, or backward life in any area, be it academic, business, work, or social relations.

Howbeit, it assumes that most times the shackles of ignorance and the absence of the best practical and hands-on ideas and tools through inspirational training and mentorship can let it happen.

“Our training model for FREE Liberia’s School of Value and Success is one that employs interactive learning and hands-on activities tailored towards the individual and personal needs of participants,” the institution provides.

The NGO strongly believes that the major goal of education is not only to lead to knowledge acquisition by learners, but rather to stimulate knowledge application, develop marketable skills, and become productive and successful positive change-makers in the world.

For more information, interested individuals are encouraged to visit FREE Liberia’s office at the YWCA Compound, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia, or call: 0775-583-004 or 0887-028-001.

“Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed. This is your best chance to learn (hands-on) from some of the best minds in Liberia and abroad in order to add value to yourself and change your life for the better!” they guaranteed.


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