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… MPC Semon Freeman claims

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I

Presidential hopeful and renowned businessman turned politician Mr. Semon Freeman has described himself as the “redeemer”, boosting that he has a clear-cut vision and solution to Liberia’s age-old problem.

According to Mr. Freeman, Liberia has the clear-cut vision and capacity to transform Liberia and make the country a great nation again, where all Liberians will be self-sufficient and economically independent.

Mr. Freeman, speaking in an interview with journalists over the weekend in the Gardnesville belt, said that he is the only presidential aspirant that is discussing the real issues affecting the lives of Liberians and recommending economic policy, programs, and solutions to defeat poverty and economic backwardness.

The Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) standard bearer assertion was in response to a question as to what makes up Unity Party Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Senator Jeremiah Koung, branding themselves as “rescuers,” while Alternative National Congress and CPP standard bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings also described himself as the “fixer”. 

“I am seeing myself as the redeemer because I am coming with a clear solution for our people and country. I am the redeemer because I know the real issues, I am discussing them, and I am providing solutions to them instead of the normal thing that other opposition parties do, which is just attack unnecessarily and refuse to deal with the real issues and explain to Liberians the way forward,” Mr. Freeman noted.

He disclosed that when Liberians have interaction and conversation with other opposition politicians who are also aspiring for the presidency, they are not heard discussing the real issues and challenges affecting ordinary citizens and finding solutions to them; rather, they attack.

The opposition politician further indicated that despite being vocal sometimes against the government, he is attacking the government on the basis of economic and foreign policy that will better the plight of the people instead of attacking personalities.

“I am discussing how we can solve the problem and how we can change the system that is killing our people. If you listen to me, I have provided solutions to our age-old problem from an economic, business, and foreign relations perspective. I want to disagree with you that the opposition is coming together and forming collaboration ahead of the election,” Mr. Freeman argued.

He believes that the opposition is not forming collaboration or coming together to work; rather, the opposition is forming blocs, naming the Liberty Party, the Alternative National Congress, and the CPP by extension as practical examples currently.

Mr. Freeman pointed out that Liberia’s problem is not coming together and forming opposition collaboration; rather, it’s about having that person who has a clear vision about the transformation of Liberia and the well-being of Liberians.

“Perhaps it’s a good thing for the opposition to come together. But the issue of coming together is not Liberia’s problem. The CPP came together and got about twelve seats in the Senate, which adds to the already large number in the legislature. Has that done anything for the Liberian people? Of course not. Coming together is not the real issue.

What Liberia needs is one of the many people who want to become president has a clear vision to transform Liberia. We have one man that transforms Ghana, Ivory Coast, Singapore, and many other countries,” Mr. Freeman lamented.

He said that with that, Liberia needs just one man who has a clear vision for the transformation, and apparently he is the only presidential hopeful who has that clear vision to transform Liberia because he is the one who is discussing the real issues.

Mr. Freeman narrated that this election involved two parties: the electorate, which has very limited knowledge, and the media, which has the knowledge, capacity, and opportunity to research and inform the public.


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