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-Woman rallies legal support to quit her toxic marriage.


By: Jerromie S. Walters

Domestic violence against women is a pervasive issue that affects millions of women worldwide- but again, it concurs with the current case of Lydia James Quanteh, a 21 year-old Liberian lady who’s seeking legal assistance to leave a toxic marriage she entangled herself with some months ago.

Amid the fact that she’s a little over two month old pregnant, she was recently brutalized by her husband. “The man is always in the habit of beating me, we got married February, it has not even gone one year since we got married,” she told this paper on Saturday, September 23, 2023, in an interview. “Right after the marriage he beat me, when he beat me I was rushed to the hospital, the church came in and they said it was the first time and it can happen in any relationship so we should discuss it as family.”

Lydia James Quanteh reportedly got married to 34 year-old Theophilus Quanteh on February 14, 2023. According to her- it was a little over four months after they met, but since they got wedded, he has allegedly brutalized her on multiple occasions, poisoned her, and even threatened to kill her.

Following the first incident after their wedding, she said it was addressed as a family matter, but weeks later- Lydia said she was again brutalized by her partner. “The second time he jumped on me again, and then he put poisoned in my food, they took me to the hospital. When I went back home, I wanted to take decision but the church said we should talk it family way.”

Though her partner has shown no remorse for his misdeed andunorthodox attitude, Lydia said she has repeatedly been advised by her church to confront his merciless brutality as a family matter. “This morning again he beat me, even though I’m two months pregnant. My entire skin has been covered with marks.”

Following her partner recent action, Lydia said she reported the case at the local deport, but following the police’s intervention, he displayed disappointing tactics that made the police to renege on taking further actions. “When he beat on me this morning, I took the case to the police station and I got two officers to go along with me to the house, but when we got there, the man knocked the door, he came outside, and the police man said they wanted to talk with him, but he went back inside because he said he wanted to wear shirt. When he went inside, he locked the door, and laid down so the police said they couldn’t do anything until they receive letter from the court to arrest him,” she narrated.

Lydia further added, “I’m calling on everybody, because I’m 21years old, I don’t want to leave young and die, I want divorce,” she pleaded. Prior to their marriage, Lydia said she did not experience maltreatment from her partner, but it all became different after they got married.

As disclosed by Lydia, her decision to marry at a young age was prompted by her desire to focus on the things of God, and avoid acts that are not acceptable in the sight of God. However, herpassionate desire is allegedly being undermined and suppressed by her partner, who she thought would have been one of her strongest pillars- in ensuring that it (Her religious desire) is actualized. 

“Right now I’m at my parents’ place in Government farm, because the first time he beat me, he said he will kill me, he even told my mother that he married me to beat on me. When he beat on me this month, before the next month again he will beat on me. Let me just say it has been beating from one after the other, no peace,” she said.

After she left their home because she was poisoned by her partner, Lydia said following her return to collect few of her clothes (because she needed to attend an occasion), her partner’s mother allegedly threatened to kill her.  “His mother took knife for me after I went back to the house and she even threatened to kill me.” Lydia and her partner Theophilus Quanteh lived along with his mother at her house in Marshall, Robert field highway.   

It was also made known by Lydia that Theophilus doesn’t consume harmful substances, but he’s noted for his brutal act against his partners. This- she said led to the end of his previous relationships, including his two children’s mother. Prior to their marriage, she knew nothing about his horrible attitude, but following the first incident between them- that was when she was informed by few of their neighbors.

However, efforts to contact Theophilus Quanteh didn’t materialize, as his +231775436303 number was unreachable. His number was given to our reporter by his partner, LydiaJames Quanteh.

Unarguably, domestic violence encompasses physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse, often perpetrated by an intimate partner or family member.  Amid mounting concerns, men (especially) are yet to desist from said act understand the gravity of this problem, its impact on women’s lives, and the urgent need for collective efforts to break the cycle of abuse.

Domestic violence knows no boundaries, transcending cultural, economic, and educational differences. Globally, it is estimated that one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. These alarming statistics highlight the widespread nature of the problem and the urgent need for action.

Like the one that’s prompting Lydia’s desire for divorce, domestic violence has severe consequences for women’s physical and mental well-being.  This is not strange as Lydia also acknowledged the consequences, and informed this paper about how she has always suffered physical injuries, chronic pain, and long-term health issues, since she got wedded. She also narrated that emotional trauma has depression, low self-esteem.

As domestic violence against women is a grave violation of human rights that demands urgent attention, Lydia has mustered the courage quit the marriage- as she’s now seeking legal assistance to aid her in the process of divorce, and ensure that her partner pays for his dreadful action.