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-Mulbah K. Morlu says, announces September 7, 2023 as CDC final rally.

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Amid campaign messages of opposition parties in an endeavors to rescue, sweep corruption, and fix LIberia,  Mulbah K. Morlu, the National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), says the country is in safe hands, and requires no form of fixing or to be rescued.

At a news conference at the party’s headquarters, Monday, August 14, 2023, in Congo Town, Morlu said, it is risky for LIberians to change power, as he’s of the belief that President George Weah has laid the foundation, therefore, he deserves a second term.

“LIberia is in safe hands, it is risky to change power,” the president has laid the foundation, as such, he deserves a second term,” he articulated.

In ensuring that this becomes an actuality, the CDC National Chairman stressed that they are committed to constitutionally doing the needful, to ensure the President continues what he has started. “We will fight and we will win in the first round so that we can continue what we started.”

Accordingly, he said on September 7, 2023, the party will conglomerate its supporters in Monrovia, in its final rally for the climax of the first term of President George Weah. “The seventh will most likely be the mother rally,” he said.

“Liberia’s biggest political party will be outside, break your own rally,” he urged his supporters to turn up in their numbers and further disclosed that the party’s campaign process will officially close on October 8, 2023.

At the counties level, he said with the works they have done in Lofa, there’s a huge possibility of them winning sufficiently in the country, as well as Nimba. Therefore, they are certain about a first round victory.

With this, he defaulted with individuals who believe that their consistent message of first round victory, is an attempt to undermine the process. According to him, it is adequately possible, and it is on said trend they are proceeding. In his opinion, those from the opposition that have doubts about said reality, are in an attempt to undermine the democratic process. “There will be no second round,” he emphasized.

Howbeit, Morlu alluded that if there’s a runoff, they will participate, but their survey has unearthed that they will win first round.

The National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), further urged the party’s members to exercise political tolerance throughout this campaign period.

According to him, violence contradicts the essence and what the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) stands for.

In an explicit warning, he tells supporters of the party to distance themselves even from intimidation that they might be confronted with by opposition supporters.

He believes they are on the winning side, and those with the possibilities and assurance of winning are not to entertain violence. But for the opposition, he said they are uncertain about their victory, as such, they will prompt violence to undermine the process.

“They want this game to end in confusion,”with this, he said they will provoke their supporters to create conflict.

“No matter what they do, walk away, because they are losing, and because they are losing, they will provoke you.” In instances of acts that have what it takes to create conflict, he encouraged his supporters to have the police informed.

“Cidicians are peaceful and required by law to respect the law”. Tearing down the banners of the opposition is not the CDC way,” he tells his supporters, and encouraged them to contribute to the party constructively.

“It is required of every member and supporters to go back to the trenches. Even though we are the strongest political party, we must continue to work as if we are the less.”

Furthermore, he told their supporters that they have a mandate, which is to win the elections in the first round. Accordingly, he said there’s no room for complacency.

Amid initial violent, Morlu joined the President to assure the international community that the process will be free, fair and transparent.

At the same time, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Chairman  thanked the President for the energy he has brought to their campaign process. He also applauded the party’s campaign team, specifically through it Head, Eugene Nagbe, and further described him as an experienced politician.

In addition, Morlu refuted claims that the party is supporting another candidate in Montserrado County District #4. He said Mr. Momo has sacrificed a lot for the party, as such, they are committed to his candidacy.