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The National Elections Commission (NEC) has commenced the final process of deduplication and adjudication of voters’ information collected from the 2080 voter registration centers across Liberia through its Central Management System (CMS), following the completion of data synchronization from the Phase Two counties.

Several duplicates and underage registrations are being detected, and their voter information is being deactivated until further investigation. All ineligible registrants will be removed, and in cases where there are alleged criminal motives, they will be referred to the Ministry of Justice for immediate action.

The Commission will announce the preliminary figures for the number of people registered in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the Commission informs the public that the exhibition of the Provisional Registration Roll (PRR) will commence on June 12–17, 2023, with all 2080 Voter Registration Centers opening simultaneously across the country. To ensure that only eligible voters remain on the voter roll, it is important that the general public bring forward all concerns during the exhibition exercise. All registered and eligible Liberians will be allowed to access the first draft of the Voter Registration Roll for verification, inclusion, and objection to information on the PRR.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) extends gratitude to all electoral stakeholders, including local and international partners, the Ministry of Justice and the National Security Agencies, including the Liberia National Police and the Liberia Immigration Service, owners of properties used by NEC, all permanent and temporary election workers, and the People of Liberia, for their tireless effort.


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