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…. Assured her uncompromising support

By: Leila B. Gbati

Monrovia, March 9, 2023: The women of the opposition Unity Party and Liberty Party have joined in solidarity with Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of Liberia, following a recent armed robbery attack at her home that led to the death of her daughter Charloe Musu.

The women were seen parading with a banner to Cllr. Scott Sinkor’s residence on Thursday, March 9, 2023, as they mourned in sympathy with her and her family, at which time they presented a statement of support.

In their statement of support, the women said that it has now been two weeks since the home of Cllr. Scott was attacked for the third time by agents of death, leading to the gruesome murder of her daughter and the wounding of others by the attackers.

They noted that reflecting on the loss of a child that was brought up under parental care in such a manner is one of the worst forms of human mysteries and a pathetic reminder of the inhumanity that has consumed the country, emphasizing that this act has yet to be traced to an identified suspect by state security, which sends ripples of fear across their spines as women, especially Cllr. Scott, who has striven to stand up for justice and fair play.

According to the women, they are of the conviction that what took place was not an isolated situation. Judging from previous experiences Cllr. Scott had before the attack and the resultant killing of her daughter, they can recall how she was outspoken about the now failed census and know that she had spoken out loudly about the shame into which Liberia is plunged and how she is playing a leading role in the Liberty Party case at both the National Elections Commission and the Supreme Court, and they are further convinced that her presence at the Supreme Court in the ongoing case and in ones that could probably surface in the High Court is a fear-generating experience for those whose desire is to sacrifice justice on the altar of greed.

“We are aware that the attacks on your home were well coordinated with the intent not only to inflict bodily harm but also to silence you. In their failure to silence you, they have unfortunately silenced a promising young girl. Our hearts bleed! Our hearts bleed not just for the gruesome murder, but even more so for the pit into which our system of justice is fast sinking. How do we explain to the rest of the world that we are part and parcel of the community of civilized nations that is placing the issues of women on the front burner? How do we explain to our children yet unborn that we lived in such an era of crudeness?”, the women stated.

Speaking further, the women’s group mentioned that two weeks into the barbaric killing of little Charloe Musu, they are witnessing a coordinated campaign launched by operatives of the government, from within the Ministry of Information, the Police, and the ruling CDC, to draw a distorted image of the incident, thereby impeding any attempt to identify and apprehend the culprit. At the center of this distorted image is the constant humiliation of the grieving family, who are bundled up and made to sit there for hours with the justification that the police need statements from them.

“Not only that, in their further attempt to sabotage the case, they have launched a social media campaign of character assassination against you, Cllr. Scott. On this platform, we see distorting posts from individuals who have always been instruments used by every government to undermine anything and everything that stands for the rule of law. Cllr. Scott, you and your family are undergoing this pain at a time when the world is commemorating International Women’s Day, and we understand how it feels to be treated unfairly in a society to which you have given so much. But as a Liberian politician once said, such is the time and the condition. On this day, we, the women of the Unity Party, the Liberty Party, and other women of Liberia who represent the voice of conscience, have come to stand in solidarity and to let you know that this too shall come to pass. Together, we have come a long way in working for a peaceful and just society. Not even the exhibition of naked and raw power at this turn of our history will sway us,” the women asserted.

Meanwhile, the women assured Cllr. Scott of their uncompromising and unflinching support, whether it was raining or shining.


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