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-As She Launches Her Foundation 

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Precious Joy Teeweh, the Ministry of Education’s Presidential Best Teacher Award winner, has officially launched her foundation, NewJoy-Liberia Inc, with a mission to provide quality child-centered education that enhances basic skills and concepts for early learners.

The NewJoy-Liberia Inc. which comes as an actualization of Precious’ promise to Liberians, after she won the presidential best teacher award, is also engulfed with the vision of making early childhood education accessible for a vibrant educational foundation in Liberia.

Consistent with this quest, the young author also used the occasion marking the official launch of the foundation on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, to launch four early childhood education books that were literally authored by her.

The launch of Precious’ books and her foundation was greatly venerated by scores of Liberians, as the Ministry of Education has formally endorsed it and confirmed that it meets the necessary standard to be used as educational materials at early childhood levels.

In a remark at the occasion, Precious Joy Teeweh said, with the launch of the books and the foundation, she feels accomplished but not complacent.

With what she sees about the books that are titled, “Reading Readiness Level 1&2 and ”Math Readiness  Level 1&2”, she believes it has what it takes to make a meaningful impact across Liberia.

“Today we have achieved one of our greatest desire for the country and the children of Liberia,” she said and assured her dedication to ensuring that early childhood education is more equipped and at its best in Liberia, as her vision is for Liberia children.

Furthermore, Precious articulated that her quest to write more books was prompted by a challenge from Education Minister Ansu Sonii, for her to ensure that she writes 50 books before 30.

She  also alluded that she was encouraged to do more following the huge demand for the books from individuals, from her previous project.

As narrated by the young author, her desire to write the book was prompted years ago, but it couldn’t work out because of financial reasons.

Along the way, she said she was discouraged by some individuals, as she was told that it wouldn’t have yielded fruits.

Despite the discouragement, she didn’t feel deterred, but rather she continued with it and she’s now experiencing the impact.

At the same time, she acclaimed her parents, and everyone that has supported her over the years, and specifically thanked her team, alluding that the majority of her successes have been greatly supported by her team.

Commenting on issues surrounding the best teachers award, Ms. Teeweh said, the processes surrounding the Presidential best teacher award were fair and transparent.

She sees it as a good initiative and further termed it as a huge encouragement, for teachers across the country. Precious applauded the President, the Education Minister, and the entire Ministry family for their commitment and support to the profession.

From his end, Liberia’s Education Minister D. Ansu Sonii, while in the capacity of Launcher of the books, described the workings of the young teacher as a privilege he believes is only given by God.

He hailed Precious Teeweh for her endeavors and applauded her parents for their support over the period.

The Education Minister wants parents to give more time to their children, and ensure that they are brought up the right way.

He thanked the parents of Liberia and admonished them to consider the path of Precious’ parents, as he believes she’s a good example.

Mr. Sonii thinks when people are blessed with children, it’s their obligation to ensure that they are brought up right, and not as embarrassment to society.  

“The more you put in, the more you get out, the less you put in, you might even get worse,” he admonished.

Meanwhile, he said the passion for teaching is inherent, and when one is not poised with it, they are not, as such, he’s confident that the passion in Precious is unique.

Emphasizing the best teacher award, he said the Ministry was not looking at the longest-serving teacher, but the best teacher.

Therefore, he said the young professional deserves the award, as the award considered requirements that she met.

As the book launcher and Education Minister, he acknowledged that the books were vetted and endorsed by the Ministry, and further disclosed to give $LRD50, 000 to the Foundation.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education which is an integral part of this government, we have come to declare these books officially dedicated as instruments of teaching and learning for early childhood students,” he declared.

He continued, “I hereby authorized to ensure become one of the instruments of teaching and learning in the Republic of Liberia”.

Howbeit, upon her graduation from BSC, he wants the government to underwrite the cost of her education at the master’s level.

The Education Minister encouraged the team of NewJoy-Liberia to remain committed to their quest and ensure that it doesn’t collapse.

He believes as the mind is still fresh, the Ministry and government support her in every endeavor.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alexander Duopu. while performing the role as the official launcher, hailed the young teacher and alluded that the quality of education in early childhood straightened students’ ability even at the highest level.

According to him, it helps students develop dependence and transition to school and gives them strategies that will help them develop their social and other skills.

Mr. Alexander Duopu officially launched the books and acknowledged that the books were endorsed and validated by the Ministry of Education.

At the same time, Mr. Newton G. Teeweh, father of the Ministry of Education Best Teacher Award, while presenting the testimonial of Precious Joy Teeweh, expressed joy over the life steps of his daughter, a path he feels proud about.

According to him, the brilliance of his daughter began in her early days, especially when she exceeded under role throughout her days in elementary school.

Emphasizing her passion for the profession, he said she is passionate about her teaching profession, some she started while still in high school as a home teacher, and continued when she graduated high school.

He believes she continues genuinely to contribute to the educational sector of Liberia, through her passion and effortless experience over the last few years.

Said commitment he said is displayed in her efforts to prep test books, providing tutorial, school materials and a lot more.

Moreover, he said upon the disclosure of the award, she saw herself competent to partake in the process.

“Winning this award has brought great proud to me and my wife, not only to us, but us as teachers. I have heard of such initiative and I want to thank the Ministry of Education and this has attached value to the teaching profession”.

With funds from the award, he said she was a KtK prepare more books and provide training for over 60 teachers, provided 4 scholarships, and used it to pay her tuition at the university.

He thanked the Ministry of Education and the government, for promoting education in Liberia. He further appreciated the NewJoy team and admonished parents to guide and ensure that their children are brought up the right way.

Giving the overview of the NewJoy-Liberia, David K. Owen, said the network was established on September 24, 2022, with interest in the production of test books and training of teachers.

He said their goal is to ensure that their books are published by 2025, and to train 60, 000 teachers by 2025.

As disclosed by him, they are open up for partnership and they are also hoping to achieve these goals by or before the stipulated time.

Like several other speakers, he confirmed that their books were vetted and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, while a teacher’s guide was also prepared by them, which is expected to be given to schools free of charge.


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