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… LNP Takes Hold Of Those Linked To The Ritualistic Murder Of 2year old Saah Momo

By: Jerromie S. Walters

Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia: It has been over four days since the public got alerted of the ritualistic murder of 2year old Saah Momo, and many are hopeful that justice will prevail.

Broken in dismay and agony, a lot of Liberians are still sad about the awful act exhibited by those that should have ensured the 2year old victim’s protection.

What could be seen as the most demeaning part of the horrific murder of the 2year old victim, was the fact that he fell prey to the bloody and ritualistic hands of his closest relatives to include Siafa Gray, his uncle, who’s also considered as the alleged prime suspect, as he is believed to be the one that murdered the victim and extracted the various body parts.

Satta Wander, who’s the victim’s grandmother, is believed to have been the one that carried out the financial transaction of the murder case.

Others to include his grandfather Siaffa Gray, who was found with the parts extracted from the deceased victim.

Among others that have been linked to the case so far are: Massa Dukuly, the mother of the deceased child. Omense Nyen and Cooper Russ who roles are yet to be known.

Concisely, the perpetrator (s) inhumanly extracted the 2year old victim’s right eye, right hand, right leg, private part and all internal organs.

Those body parts were found in the possession of the victim’s grandfather, leading to his arrest and five other persons.

It can be recalled that on Sunday, January 22, 2023, the public was alarmed of the horrible demise of 2year old Saah Momo.

The two years old child was found dead in Suehn Mecca District, Bomi County, with several extractions of his body parts.

Following the suspects arrest, prominent Liberian advocate Ne-Suah Beyan-Livingstone has adequate investigation in the matter, in order to ensure that those found guilty will be persecuted according to the law.

She assured her institution commitment in following the case, until it gets to its logical conclusion.

“We appreciate Mr. Moses Carter for giving us the opportunity to be part of this press conference and REACH will follow up this case until justice is served and those found guilty will face the full weight of the law,” she said in a Facebook post.

Howbeit, the Liberia National Police has guaranteed that the various individuals that were arrested, will be properly probed, charged and forwarded to court for persecution.

The case of Saah Momo is among few of the worst cases intruding from Bomi County of late, as over a week ago, 27year old Saah Borbor, allegedly killing a 70 years old man in New Camp, Mano Plantation in Senjeh District, Bomi County.

According to Police preliminary investigation, the deceased only identified as Kollie who was in his late 70s, was murdered on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Police investigation revealed that the incident happened when the late Kollie gave a contract to the alleged perpetrator to brush his garden for the LD$400.00. Upon the completion of the work, Old man Kollie allegedly paid Borbor LD$ 300.00 and promised to pay his balance the next day which was Sunday.

According to James Carto, the commander for crimes services in the county, the perpetrator on Sunday went to the victim in his garden and asked for his balance payment (LD$100.00), in the process argument broke up and later got intensified leading to Borbor rushing on the deceased Kollie and allegedly killed him in his garden and escaped.


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