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-Says over domestic violence against his ex-partner.

By: G Bennie Bravo Johnson I 

The Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice has issued a writ of Summon, ordering the appearance of Cllr J. Johnny Momoh of the Johnny Momoh and Associates Law Firm for action of Damages filed before Judge Kennedy Peabody by his long time partner, Marie Nallohof the City of Monrovia.

The Civil Law Court has also ordered Cllr. Momoh to appear before His Honor, Judge Kennedy Peabody on Monday, September 3, 2023, beginning 10 ante meridian to answer to the complaints filed by Madam Marie Nallohof the City of Monrovia. 

The Court commanded Defendant Johnny Momoh to attach and take possession of all identifiable properties, and or assets including monies, Equipment, Vehicles and real property least rights to recover the principals and costs these proceedings.

The Civil Law Court Judge Kennedy Peabody also ordered the arrest of the living body of Cllr. Johnny Momo and keeps him in any common jail until he complies with the terms and conditions of the writ of attachment and the mandate from the court.

Meanwhile the Court has notified Defendant Johnny Momoh to file his formal appearance and or answer to the complaint filed before the Court by Madam Nallon on or before September 3, 2023.

It can be recalled that in April of this year, Cllr. Johnny Momoh was arrested and arraigned before the BrewervilleMagisterial Court in District 17, Montserrado County, for allegedly committing ‘domestic violence, felonious restrain, and criminal coercion against his fiancée Marie Nallon.

Cllr. Momoh and his accomplices including a man identified as Emmanuel Pannoh appeared at the Brewerville Magisterial court and were both placed on the prisoners’ bench for the alleged commission of the crimes.

Cllr. Johnny Momoh, Emmanuel Pannoh, and others who are yet to be identified to answer to the charges brought against them. This is in violation of Sections 16.20, 14 .27, 14.51 of the new Penal Code of Liberia.

The writ against the renowned Liberian Lawyer, JohnnyMomoh and his co-defendants, comes as a result of the collapsed of an eight years love relationship he had with Madam Marie Nallon.