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– Opposition Leader Proclaims  

By: G. Bennie Bravo Johnson

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, the standard bearer for the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), has stated that the Christmas season is ending the year just as it began in hardship. He is urging Liberians to ensure that President George M. Weah and his government are replaced because they lack the vision and direction necessary to lead Liberians to prosperity.

Mr. Cummings, in his Christmas message that he delivered on Thursday, December 22, 2022 at the CPP headquarters in Sinkor, said that as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this year, he extends, on behalf of the CPP and in his own name, sincere greetings to Liberians both at home and in the diaspora. Mr. Cummings said that as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this year, he extends, on behalf of the CPP and in

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone in Liberia a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. However, we are aware that the end of the year will be challenging for a good number of our people here in our own country. The standard of living in Liberia has steadily declined over the course of President Weah’s first five years in office. Mr. Cumming made the observation that because of how bad things have gotten, there isn’t much cause for celebration.

Mr. Cummings bemoaned the fact that on this fifth Christmas day under President Weah’s government, we know that too many children will go to bed hungry because their families are still grieving the mysterious deaths of loved ones whose deaths can’t be reasonably explained or properly investigated. Mr. Cummings lamented that on this fifth Christmas day under President Weah’s government, we know that too many children will go to bed hungry.

The opposition has asserted that the president, who has ordered investigations into these cases, has not bothered to follow up because he hopes that the public will forget; however, the grieving families both cannot and will not forget what has happened.

He emphasized that on this fifth Christmas celebration under President Weah, the elderly citizens of Liberia will be forced to beg because the government has abandoned them in their retirement years. This will be the fifth Christmas celebration under President Weah. He explained that there will be no improvement in the safety of the streets, and that ghettos and drug use will continue to take over the communities.

Mr. Cummings emphasized that unemployment, disappointment, and frustration will continue to be the stories of many young people while prices of everything, including food, rent, and transportation, will still be going up while salaries are going down.

On this, President Weah’s fifth Christmas in office, only five people have increased their budget share to the point where they now get more money than all of the country’s schools, hospitals, and universities combined. These individuals are President Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, the speaker, the Senate Pro-Tempe and the Deputy Speaker, Cummings said.

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, standard bearer for the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), claims that Liberia has become a laughing stock and joke in the eyes of the international community because President George M. Weah and the government of the Coalition for Democratic Change believe that the governance of the country is “a play-play thing.”

Mr. Cummings, while speaking on the governance and performance of the state, referred to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government as a kleptocracy, which he defined as a government of thieves that is plundering and destroying the wealth of the Liberian people through blatant corruption.

“My people, the world is laughing at us,” and it will continue to laugh at us and take us for jokes as long as we have a president who believes that the job of the president is to play around. “While he is playing, our people continue to suffer because no serious investor will come to invest in a country with a play-act leader who is doing nothing to stop stealing from the people because he himself is stealing or benefiting from the stealing of the Liberian people’s money,” Mr

“Meanwhile, while they lavishly care for themselves and their families, including using Liberian people’s money to travel in private jet planes and to hospitals outside the country, they are also wickedly cutting the pay of civil servants while many public hospitals lack beds, equipment, and medicine,” Mr. Cummings claimed. “In the meantime, while they care for themselves and their families lavishly, including using Liberian people’s money to travel in private jet planes and to hospitals

He claimed that some ministers and their spouses had flown out of the country on private jets in order to receive expensive medical treatment, while the ministers’ drivers and security personnel, who had also put their own lives in danger in order to serve the ministers, were left behind to fend for themselves in the conflict. Mr. Cummings also made the allegation that certain ministries do not receive their full allotment of the budget, whereas other ministries are allegedly swimming in stolen wealth and luxuries.

In the meantime, the leader of the opposition elaborated on his thoughts regarding the administration of President Weah during the time period under consideration by stating that President Weah is unable to fulfill his promise to bring serious investors to Liberia in order to create jobs as he did five years ago. According to the opposition leader, this is because no serious investor would bring their money to a country that is not safe and is being referred to internationally as a kleptocracy, which is a government that is

Mr. Cummings urged the Liberian people to stop deceiving themselves and to stop allowing President Weah to get away with deceiving them over and over again.

The presidency is reserved for people who are responsible and are aware of what they are doing. Someone who is so irresponsible, indiscipline, incompetent, and unfit to lead a home or a business should not be entrusted with the Presidency because it is too important to all of our lives to have it placed in their hands. Liberia is not a prize to be taken home. The office of the President is not a game of Ludo. According to Mr. Cummings’s assertions, “when the president fails or is unable to do his job, everyone pays for it.”

According to the political leader of the Alternative National Congress, President Weah was a good footballer; however, as president, he is a weak leader because President Weah has not led, cannot lead, and will not lead. This is because President Weah has not led.

He asserted that President Weah had spent the past five years acting like a young child and playing around while the people of Liberia were suffering. Mr. Cummings brought to light the fact that President Weah is committing an error, which must be rectified in order to put an end to the anguish endured by Liberians.

“The Bible accurately prophesied that the people would be destroyed when their leaders lacked vision for the future of their nation.” when a leader, such as President Weah of Liberia, is clueless about what he is supposed to be doing or what he is actually doing. Recently, President Weah made the irresponsible decision to leave the country for a period of 48 days. During this time, he wasted the money of the country by traveling from place to place, watching his son play football, and having fun. After this, he returned to his “Miami” home with additional lies and pictures for his Facebook album.

However, as you can plainly see, our people will continue to eat?

Will people be able to pay their rent and medical bills with the image?

Who in this group will be responsible for paying the children’s tuition? Will the image result in the creation of jobs? Will the image make it possible for market women and business owners to obtain microloans and other forms of financing?

By the way, due to the fact that the Central Bank is withholding their funds, financial institutions are unable to pay their customers in cash. “Will people’s checks be cashed if they take selfies?” Mr. Cummings provided an explanation.


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