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  • As it Encourages Them to be Innovative

Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Development (WASUDEV) just finished a day-long training
for women in agriculture in Paynesville City. The training was meant to help them do their jobs
Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Development (WASUDEV) has been supporting women’s
agricultural activities by working with most small-scale farmers and farming groups.

The training, which was held under the theme “Grooming successful women agribusiness leaders,”
brought together women from across Paynesville and Johnsonville, respectively.
Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Development is a local nongovernmental organization that
works in rural communities to improve the living conditions of women and girls through human
solidarity, agribusiness development that creates prosperity and a local economy, empowerment
for peace and security, and women’s representation in decision-making.
Speaking Thursday, November 24, 2022, at a one-day agribusiness training workshop for women
in Paynesville, Deputy Gender Minister, Madam Alice Johnson-Howard, urged women, especially
women in agriculture, to join forces in producing more food.
According to Minister Howard, a nation that cannot feel itself is a dead nation; he notes that Liberia
has land and everything that it needs to produce enough food to supply the world with food.
“I am very happy to be part of this program today; let’s take it seriously because it is very
important.” “Now is the time for women in agriculture to stand up and get fully involved in
agriculture,” she said.
However, she called on the women to create innovative ideas by using their phones and skills,
urging them to stand up and avoid wasting time on things that would undermine their work.
In her remarks, the Gender and Social Development Specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr.
Cheryl A. Williams, stressed the need for the economic empowerment of women in agriculture
across Liberia.
“If women are economically empowered, the issue of violence against women and girls will be
reduced in the country,” Madam Williams noted.
According to her, if women are not economically empowered, men and society will take advantage
of them and their families, but she urged the women to take advantage of every opportunity in
agriculture to be economically strong.
“There are so many grant opportunities at the Ministry of Agriculture, but women are not taking
advantage of them; now I want to appeal to you to take advantage by improving your agricultural
activities,” she narrated.


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